K Episode 2: The Wild Goose Chase

Yashiro comes up with a quick sob story on the spot in order to buy time and make a run for it from Kuroh the “Black Dog”. While he manages to dodge him for a while, he ends up being found again after Kukuri had led brought Kuroh to his dorm. With a alliance with a neko girl who caught him off guard, the two of them as they run around the academy send Kuroh on a wild goose chase all day and all through night.


Oh my god, I was cracking up from start to finish and was laughing so hard that I almost fell of my chair. The pranks that both Yashiro and Neko were pulling on poor Kuroh who couldn’t catch a break whatsoever. Everything they did to him was hilarious, but what slayed me was even after he wiped his face, there were eyes drawn on his eyelids. I choked my drink when I saw that. I’m lucky I didn’t spit it all over the screen, now that would’ve been bad!!!!!

Ahaha, poor Kuroh he is clearly a sucker for sob stories which what helped Shiro get away in the first place. Despite being the chaser, he was victim thanks to Neko’s mischievous tactics. It appears that he has a soft heart and follows I suppose what you’d call a gentleman’s etiquette. He’s also good at cooking and I was cracking up when I saw that his briefcase held cooking materials.

Speaking of Neko, she can be seen by Kuroh. I’m guessing those with those unique powers of theirs is what allows them to do so. This is also much to my surprise, Yashiro’s first time seeing her in her humanoid form. It was hilarious how his priority was getting some clothes on her rather than running from Kuroh.

Yashiro clearly is a cunning guy, he made up a sob story about having a sister who’s in the hospital and how he wanted to write a letter to her. I also liked how he took advantage of the mascot that was laid about and slipped inside it rather than making a run for it. It certainly helped through Kuroh off this trail.
On top of that, he even set him up making it look like they were collaborating together to encourage Misaki (the skateboard baseball club dude) to pick a fight with Kuroh to help buy himself some time.

There’s one thing I wanted to mention and that is how I was slightly confused right off the bat when Shiro quickly protested, claiming that he was innocent when as week at the end of the episode he said, “It looks like it.” It kind of threw me off but I got over the confusion quickly and moved along with the episode.

Oh that’s right! What I couldn’t remember what to mention last week finally clicked in my head. The music actually reminds me of the Persona series original soundtrack, and the character designs remind me of CLAMP’s spaghetti anatomy!



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