Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 53: Sudden Turn of Events

“Just stop. I don’t care who I kill right now.” – Kurapika


The Zoldyck family manage to get themselves unhooked from the Ten Dons and plus, the Spiders were also able to infiltrate the Auction which was unexpectedly went ahead as scheduled. When Kurapika learned that the Spiders were killed and that the auction went ahead as planned, he felt emptiness.

When the news about the Spider’s downfall reached Gon and the others, they were also shocked about it and Kurapika missed his chance to know about the truth just when Hisoka was trying to phone him for some comfort.


Zoldyck duo and Chrollo fight was something – not only because of the action but also in terms of psychological analysis. Not to mention when each party’s plans were revealed after the big blast by Silva, they even manage to get rid of the burden that they wanted from the first place. This only came to mind that the Zoldyck Family sure doesn’t just kill and they have their own pride as well which you can seldom see on people (in HxH, that is) with talent, name and power. I was so happy to see Illumi and Kall on the episode. I have a little fetish over Illumi, you see. XD

Somehow, we get to see the other side of Chrollo’s character as well and his unstated interest on cute Neon as well. (Who doesn’t like these two together anyway?) Especially that “Don’t touch the ambulance that girl is in.” XD

We also get to see some odd sides of Neon’s father. I don’t like him because I don’t quite get him. Lol He would use Neon for money but would be more than willing to take risks in spending money for her. Of course, it’s just a cycle of money for him since he can get those lost amount back again by the help of Neon but I don’t think it is that simple. He is also a father other than a mafia. But I also think that he’s selfish enough but I don’t mind since Neon is happy and he’s also glad that she is.

Kurapika is too bishie in this shot. haha

Too bad for Kurapika – he has to deal with a lie of incidents and become a doll. D: If I were him, though, I would have killed that fat-guy. Lol Not only he would have been satisfied (well, not, maybe) at that time but his boss would be more than happy that it will happen. Lolol This is one downfall on Kurapika. He became a hunter in order to avenge his clan and if this mission is finished, it is like… Kurapika will give up being a hunter or rather; he doesn’t have any more goals in life. We all know well how strong Kurapika’s will to avenge his clan so; also, there’s this not good side of it either. Plus, THOSE CHAINS WILL BE USELESS IF THERE IS NO MORE PHANTOM TROUPE. D8

Man, how I wish I had that Nen of Kortopi’s. lol It would have been handy for shop lifting or scamming people. XD

I love how Leorio would look so adult when he is actually sixteen and how he would just go and casually drink alcohol. Lol Good thing Gon and Killua are good kids. 8D


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. chacha says:

    the way Light touching Neon, on that scene gives me a different feel….

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