Code: Breaker Episode 3: Irony of Life


“Only force can make evil doers listen.” – Ogami Rei


Due to the words they both gave to each other, both Ogami and Sakurakouji will be going to school and home together; although not in a romantic way that everybody in school expects it to be. Sakura knows what Rei is doing and she has decided to stop him and to do this, she has to go and follow Rei no matter how dangerous it might become.


Notice the episode title I have given it? Yes, Irony of life. Everything in this episode tackles all different kinds of irony of the humans of today (and maybe in the past as well). We also get to see other characters that might be appealing to the eyes of the viewers (IDK since they did on mine). But before getting through the serious stuff, let’s get into the humorous side of the episode.

HAHAHAHAHA OMG I HAD SO MUCH LAUGHS AT THE BEGINNING – well, almost. Again, we get to see the misunderstanding between the sides of Sakura and Rei AND their school. I don’t know what is wrong with the main characters or maybe Sakura is just too just enough for her to be classified close to being dense and that Rei is just too i-don’t-care-what-other-people-say enough to be called stupid. But this is one best selling comedy of the series so I won’t complain as much but at least, Rei must notice about this circumstances and try to teas the students sometimes – that would be a perfect comedy act of all.

When Sakura saved Rei (or rather the student to get burned).

We also get to know Sakura’s breasts… LOLOLOL THE WAY OGAMI JUST WENT WITH THE FLOW WAS JUST… TOO FUNNY. But yes, that senpai knows her stuff… naming breasts, that is. LOLOLOL And when Ogami answered the question “Which gang are you from?” a win with his “Year 1, calss B.” LMAO

Now we get into the serious stuff. It seems that Ogami hates the other Code: Breakers as well. Since based on what he just did to the breast-namer, who – obviously, resembles someone he knows. Maybe it is because they believe on how to deal with evil. Everyone should have noticed about their chanting about “An eye for an eye…” where the last line always differs on every Code: Breaker. Let’s just say that some of them do hates each other since some goes with the other’s plan like what we’ve seen on the first scene of the episode where Yuuki fought to kill 01 – where he had someone with him as well. Personally, I like the ice. :)

The title, “Irony of Life” as I’ve said before was something that was shown in this episode: adults using drugs and other under methods in order to obtain money and getting other people to work for them because of money. Police (and maybe other politicians) would do against their code just to earn more money and that they wouldn’t mind being caught because they can kill. Being at this, no matter what just words you tell them, they won’t budge (as Ogami mentioned to Sakurakouji) and thus the featured line for this review comes in, “Only force can make evil doers listen.” As said by Ogami, himself. Most of us might agree to this as well since I do, partly, agree.

No, Police, STAAAHHHHPPP!!! D8

And then, there’s this girl who’s family was the victim and it is also because of money. She doesn’t want to live anymore because of what happened to her and because of too much shame. She wanted to die. Ogami tried to kill her then later said and begged she doesn’t want to die. Ogami let her live. Like Sakura, I’m also confused if Ogami is really that evil. I mean, he went into a search for the puppy of the dog that was killed from episode 1 and gave it to Sakura. He didn’t kill the girl because she wanted to live. He’s hurt but he doesn’t mind because he believes that what he is doing is right and it’s the only way. Even I can’t think of what to do to those adults who have taken liberty on drugs just for money (imprisonment is most likely impossible because they are outnumbered and plus, this time, both don’t trust the police as well since two were already involved and there might be more).

COME ON, MAN. Even in real life there are times I doubt the police and the people under the justice/jurisdictions. Even our traffic enforcers are people whom I can’t trust based on a personal experience. They don’t even know how to handle traffic rule violators and would even dare to receive money for letting them off the hook. Partly, I came to understand Ogami’s side of the bargain except people in real life don’t omit blue flames on their left hand.


When Ogami doesn’t know what a hug is… :3

I should also mention… DO THEY REALLY HAVE TO REPEAT THEIR LINES?! I mean, this series needs better script and I MEAN IT!!! Sakura Sakurakouji goes on “Ogami! Ogami! Ogami!” I can’t even count how many Ogami’s did this character mentioned in the whole series. AND DO THE CODE: BREAKERS REALLY HAVE TO CHANT THEIR LINES WHEN USING THEIR POWERS?! At first it was actually cool but as many times as I have heard them, THEY ARE IRRITATING ME FOR SOME REASON. Better, script, show –BETTER SCRIPT!!! Please… just… don’t tell me they need to mention those lines to use their powers… that’s just… dumb…. OTL

The episode ended with Toki, another Code: Breaker which is a stand for the hammer of Justice. I just hope his justice is as pure as the word is supposed to be. LOL Plus he has these different colors just like the breast-naming senpai, blonde and hot. :D

Another bishie appears…


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. kashzero90 says:

    i totally hate sakura..want to kill her myself…
    keep saying dont kill..dont kill, without any reason…
    i agree with ogami, evil for evil,

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