Code: Breaker Episode 2: Beautiful Flame


“I like Blue. Since blue flames are the most beautiful.” – Tenpouin Yuuki


Our heroine, to be burned from the last episode, seemed to had just a nightmare but although everything that was happened was real. She woke up on her bed, still alive and in one piece, breathing and trying to remember what happened. Trying to fix her thoughts, she went to school and there, meet Ogami, acting normally – or rather acting just like the way he did before.

With pure curiosity and the mission to stop Ogami from killing more people like what he did before, she told him that she will follow him everywhere and stop him from killing people.


I have a lot of feels in this episode. Not only it was just pure humorous but I got to enjoy at least some side of our characters even if it was only for a short time. I have to say, Ogami sure is a great stalker and good at staring. Well, even if you’re a normal person and you will be stared at like what Sakura is experiencing under Ogami’s glares, you would still feel stiff and get this chilly inside. But of course, not only these scenes were serious but it was full of humor especially when Sakura asked Ogami to talk after school and everyone tought it would be an afterschool date! I still can’t believe that this misunderstanding is still going on even after now.

There has been a lot of sentences where Sakura’s friend, Aoba (with big breasts, I tell you), which says that Sakura has this certain liking to Ogami but she never really tried to fix such misunderstanding or our heroine is just too dense to not do it. Even Ogami doesn’t really give that much effort into correcting it. XD But of course, having the school thinking that you two are interested in each other even though deep inside you hate each other (or rather you hate what the other is doing) is just kind of a cute romance. Plus, being stalked around the school the whole day was just too funny. XD

So okay, the big problem in this series is that… Sakura won’t accept that Ogami is not human!!! Well, it’s not really but the main problem is, the sense of justice planted by Ogami’s organization in him is just plain wrong. To put it simply, what Ogami’s been doing, killing or taking out the trash or whatever you call it, is wrong! But of course, as a human where feelings of vengeance, intention and the likes would probably push oneself into killing a killer as well but not to the extent that you would actually kill a group of people and a dog and feel nothing after. Well, it’s not that we can actually call Ogami a person. Just like what he said in this episode, he is not a person that the law can judge him. Of course, like you, I am curious as to what is he. XD Still, I will give a point to Sakura for standing up her ground after he threatened her for so many times.

We also get to see another Code Breaker, numbered 03, Yuuki, who, I guess, control sound waves. He actually has this cute and innocent characteristic that he would be willing to spend so much money just to take out and save all those mewtons and leave them all behind! If I were at that, I would have taken home 5 of them. If I were to categorize him on my collection, he would seriously fall under shota since the way he acted on the mewton mascot was just… ughn… <3 LOL

Also, with his mission to exterminate someone, which in the end was revealed to be another Code: Breaker, numbered 01, who control lighting or electromagnetic waves and who happens to be someone who knows our little Yuuki as well?

Hmmm… it seems that the Code: Breaker Organization sure is really shady. Not only that, I do kind of agree that Ogami might end up to be big trouble for them. Haha The episode kind of ended in a big mystery since Ogami wasn’t able to eliminate one of his witnesses – or rather, Sakurakouji Saku can’t be burned by his flames.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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