Code: Breaker Episode 1: Time To Take Out The Trash [First Impressions]

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, evil for evil.” Ogami Rei


Sakurakouji Sakura the popular female student with great style, disposition and tops the school with her grades and is skillful in aikido witness a strange phenomenon while riding a bus, going home. She saw people getting burned by blue flames and one man, standing at the center, untouched by the said flames. For Sakura, having a great sense of justice, immediately unloads from the bus and went to the scene and saw nothing; not even traces of ashes.

The next day, there was a new transfer student named, Ogami Rei and to her surprise, he has the same face as the man she saw yesterday. With curiosity, she asked him personally where everyone around the school thought she was confessing and thus the big misunderstanding on her point. Although talking to him directly was no use so she decided to trace him and investigate the matter herself.

Linzz’s Impression:

Blue flames! BLUE FLAMES EVERYWHERE!!! From Ao no Exorcist, Black Rock Shooter, a small part of Katekyo Hitman Reborn (referring to Basil) and other anime which contains flames such as Shakugan no Shana, Kaze no Stigma, and other popular titles that comes to mind when you see flames in a picture! I am not quite convinced by blue flames anymore by how badass Ao no Exorcist went but that’s not really the big problem here. The plot is kind of not new to me since, you know, working on an organization, trying to wipe out all the evil in the world is just what other anime series have been plotting ever since Voltes V. But for some reason, Code: Breaker attracted me with a different point. No, not the blue flames, obviously. XD

The animation is your usual one coming from Kinema Citrus (with same animation style as to AoEX and the likes) and as for the music not that much to mention except for GRANRODEO singing the opening song which is my favorite band ever since Kuroko no Basket started.

Ogami Rei, who possesses such mysterious powers to use blue flames and burn people (and things) into nothingness, works on a mysterious organization and says that he has to take out the trash, is your usual cool and handsome lead male character on every anime you’d see. There is just one problem with the animation on him though. When he is viewed on far sight, his eyes are huge and on a close up view, his eyes are slanted thin! LOL But with his cool personality, you might mistook him with any other main characters that has the same characteristics as him like in Kuroshitsuji (Sebastian or Ciel perhaps) and Durarara! (Izaya is there too). Although we can’t really mistake him for other “blue flame” characters like Rin Okumura of Ao no Exorcist or Black Rock Shooter either. But as far as Rei’s roles in the series, he is your cool, mysterious and handsome classmate that you often would dream to have.

Our female lead, Sakurakouji Sakura (there is just too much Sakura now) is your top student who is good in aikido and is very popular among other students. All the guys would be willing to be the world’s enemy just to date her and the girls would envy her night and day. Although you would be already familiar with this kind of female character like in Kaichou wa Maid-sama (Misaki, of course). She is also the dense type of girl when it comes to romance, I suppose or maybe it’s just her character that if she is concentrated into one thing, she wouldn’t really give a damn about other things. Just like when she was mistook to have confessed to Rei and was rejected, she doesn’t even realized that the whole school thinks this way about her, investigating about Rei’s mystery. But of course, this is where the humor of the episode came from so I guess we shall count this as one of Sakura’s strong points for the character development that Rei will have in the future.

1 girl + 4 bishies to the eyes.

As for the organizations involved, the G-Falcon, which is known for most of their crimes but was never arrested due to there was no single trace on the site of the crime. And as for the unknown organization which Rei is working for, it is still unknown. XD The other members of the yet-unknown organization was shown by the end of the episode were saying stuff like it has started and all those things. I guess, this should have been tagged as bishounen?

Possibility of Watching: High because of the bishounens. :3

Possibility of Blogging: 50% about it. Vantage will cover it though since action is not my forte.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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