Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ep 5: Cramming Time!


When Rikka’s math teacher complains about her grand score of 2% after her latest test, Nana-sensei reveals that Rikka must pass the class average in the next exam or risk her society being disbanded, something which she will aim to avoid at all costs. Desu.


Oh, shit.

HAHAHAHAHA 2%. Oh, Rikka. It’s okay, we love you anyway. But really? 2% is…impressive actually, since there’s no fathomable way anyone can get such a low mark unless they listened to absolutely nothing in class and spent all their time daydreaming about battling evil dark forces with the Wicked Eye…ahh. I know Japan’s education system has it so that low grades by Western standards are technically passes, but 2% is…terrible by any standards. I love how Rikka didn’t actually give a crap about failing until it threatened the survival of her magic society, upon which she turned to Yuuta’s help as well as trying to get the teachers on their side by offering to volunteer. Though them cleaning the pool was worth it if it meant Shinka in a swimsuit xD

Speaking of Mori Summer, it seems that she’s starting to enjoy Rikka’s society more than her cheerleading activities – looks like there’s some internal issues caused by her various senpais. Her motives for joining it were valid though; no one would ever suspect someone who was both a class rep and on the cheerleading squad of being a chuunibyou, as it’s more of a riajuu-like activity that would not be associated at all with searching for the Ethereal Horizon. I’m glad she’s getting along better with Yuuta though (as the only other normal, awake person) as well as her not putting that “perfect girl” mask on again. We need more people who are down-to-earth, or I think I might get too caught up in all of it xD Also, LMAO at her smelling of milk for the first part of the episode. I don’t think it’s something you can just wipe off with a cloth…

I think…for Rikka, it’s bearable being crap at math and being okay at everything else. But when she heard that Dekomori, of ALL PEOPLE was the BEST in her year it must have been the last straw of humiliation. No, I think everyone there realized that something was rather…off. Desu. As Yuuta pointed out very aptly with an SSBB reference, Rikka’s damage counter shot to 300% at that point. Though to be honest, if you’re at 300% you’re pretty much a goner with the next hit that connects, unless you’re Lucario and can dish out insane damage in that kind of state. Which will be hard, since all his attacks apart from Aura Sphere are close-range, and Aura Sphere can take long to charge. Whoops, gone a bit off topic. I’d have expected Dekomori to be the kind of character to divine the answer from a pencil like something out of BakaTest, but surprisingly it’s Kumin-senpai that’s relied on that kind of method o.O

Yuuta was such a good friend this episode ;_; Aside from giving his email address to Rikka (which was changed pretty easily) he realized quickly that despite Rikka’s strong opposition to Tooka, she does miss her onee-chan and is quite a lonely person inside, with no-one else having her contact other than Tooka and Dekomori. Well, Yuuta was pretty much the same in middle school, with everyone leaving him in isolation after that disastrous class introduction he made which sealed his fate completely. But even though he acts like he doesn’t care, Yuuta really made the effort to help out Rikka so she could protect what she cared for – I suppose in a way her raison d’etre, her reason for existence. See what I did there And Yuuta reverting into his Dark Flame Master persona just for Rikka – he’s such a good guy *tears up* The only thing that disturbed me slightly was the high kettle shrill, which is totally realistic – it’s just that the last time I heard that was during the climax of School Days, which brought up some graphic images I’d really rather not remember.


I love cute things.

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