Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ep 3: Far Eastern Magic Nap Society…of Summer!


With Rikka wanting to start her own club instead of joining an existing one, she sets out with Yuuta to find members to join their new Far Eastern Magic Society (name subject to change), soon joining up with Kumin-senpai to form the Far Eastern Magic Nap Society.  After enlisting the help of Dekomori Sanae, a junior high student, the club is finally formed with the inclusion of Nibutani Shinka, the classmate of Rikka and Yuuta.


As usual, an episode full with much epicness and much more moe Rikka, which almost forms part of the staple substance of the show. Having followed the show for a few weeks now, her antics still somehow never tire me out – she’s such a wierdo and I cringe to the extent of some of her very…passionate declarations, but on the other hand its just so addictingly cute that I end up smiling or laughing, and anyone in the vicinity turns around and stares at me with a weird look xD Seriously, where would we be without Rikka spectacularly failing to catch a folded note, or trying to join the cheerleading squad (or even the drama club). Our Yuuta x Rikka OTP is is well at sea by now, and it’s those little things like feeding Yuuta some rice (and having the class clap approvingly) or Yuuta reining her in that makes it fun to watch. Although really, I wouldn’t mind Yuuta x Shinka either :D

So in order to establish a stronghold from which to fight the Ethereal Horizon Overseers…uhh, I mean form a club, we need some members! And after absorbing Kumin-senpai and her Nap Club, who else to turn to in forming the Far Eastern Magic Nap Society than the newly introduced, long-chuunibyou suffering Dekomori Sanae? Yuuta really needs to keep his windows shut and all, to prevent random people just coming into his room and waking him up. To be honest, I didn’t really click with Sanae at all – she’s a fun comic character and will help form the club, but she just didn’t appeal to me despite much trying. Hmm, I wonder what it might be. Usually I love twintails, and moe twintails at that, but – AH. It’s Rikka. When compared to the ultimate moeblob Rikka, no-one has any chance of winning xD That battle was sooooo realistic as usual, and really well pulled off by KyoAni. Just like last week’s battle with her onee-chan, I struggled to think that they were actually fighting with random things they found (ahahaha Little Busters) rather than these huge-ass weapons, though I was quickly jolted back to reality with the sudden scene change to two girls brawling it out with wooden brooms xD

How the teacher ever approved a club like the Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer I will never, ever know, but it’s a hilarious title that will be a mouthful to say (watch how Rikka comes up with a Wicked Eye-endorsed shortening of their club name next week). With Nibutani Shinka joining, much to the envy of the school’s male population, we now have our full cast as advertised! Let the misadventures begin!


I love cute things.

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