While running from the Priestess of the Ethereal Horrizon Overseers, aka her sister, Rikka finds a chimera aka cat and decides to take it in. However with her sister being allergic to cats she cannot keep it so she turns to Yuuta to take it in for her.

Last week I wasn’t too sure whether it was imagination or not, but thanks to the different perspectives from the characters; for audience members like myself maybeI’mtheonlyonethoughahahah, we were finally able to confirm that everything we’re seeing Rikka perform within her POV is part of her vast imagination.

Rikka’s vast imagination makes everything in this show badass, and epic. I love her creativity to using the calculator as a magic code or whatever it’s called and her massive collection in her room. The first thing that occurred to me when I saw the turtle plushie was Squirtle ahahaha! Her sister is pretty badass too, I find it very amusing how they chase each other out of the windows (err well it’s more one-sided since Rikka is the one who’s running) not to mention if it weren’t for the ceiling lamp, Rikka probably would’ve successfully performed her trick. Unfortunately for Yuuta, she damaged his bookcase in the process.

It looks like Kumin will probably be joining their group since she was having a lot of fun hanging around with Rikka and Yuuta was having plenty of fun taking part of the run from Rikka’s sister. We know very little of her, but what we did learn during the chase was that she’s a fan of horrors. So if anything, there’s a possibility that she will be adding some ‘horror’ spice to Rikka’s plot.

Like I mentioned last week: Rikka will probably be a positive influence on Yuuta because he’s terribly embarrassed about his previous hobby and he too used to go all out with his imaginations. While people around Rikka, (such as her sister) identifies her as ‘weirdo’ and such, Rikka shows that she has no intention of quitting her hobby. As crazy as it may be, at least she’s living her life and having quite an exaggerated adventure while she’s at it. Certainly it’s more entertaining than a plain life of its own without having to literally worry about true insanity and threats that we’d see in Supernatural, Fantasies and Magical Girls series. This episode Yuuta couldn’t hold back by the slightest when he saw the gun that Rikka had.



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