BTOOOM! Episode 4: Player vs. Player

“A feeling that belongs to me alone.” – Ryouta Sakamoto


A spoiled brat, a psycho, and a kid who would take advantage of the protective rights of a minor against crimes, played the innocent brat that his father have known and in the end, snapped and killed his own father. Not only that, he felt good after doing so and wasn’t even sorry.

This brat seems to have his encounter into two more persons who are after the trunk. With his confidence on his BTOOOM!-plaring, he challenged the two head on in a combat of BIMs and he ended up playing against a BTOOOM! player as well. Not just the ordinary player you would find, but Japan’s only top-ten ranker, Sakamoto.


Told you he was a brat. Yes and a psycho. I don’t really know how his father brought him up and what kind of justice do they feed this kid and even if I knew, I don’t think I would understand the kid’s thinking as well. Being a psycho sure is unpredictable and I think simple logic won’t really affect them. I would have understood if he hates his father so much but for killing women and then raping them – no. XD

As the police were having been, I’m pretty curious what went through his mind to kill the ladies before raping them. I mean, is there really any other pleasure on raping a corpse? Not sure if yes is the answer since I don’t think there are guys out there who would be willing to do a corpse either. He’s a one weird kid, obviously and asking him will not give you the answers that you might need.

He’s too creepy to be called cute but he’s cute too. D:

Pretty much, this episode shows some dark side of our society as what Code: Breaker Episode 3 has shown us as well. This time, they showed how parents should give attention into nurturing and bringing up their children. Being a parent is a responsible that YOU, parents, have agreed upon and have given yourselves into. Not just because you want to be the most powerful one in your family, you can just go and beat your children when you like it or when they have made a mistake. I know a little strictness would be useful but not too much that your children would go on a rebel and worse – go and raid some girls, kill them get their money and rape them when they are dead. Raising a child is a pleasure to parents but raising a monster is a problem to the parents and the society. This brat in the episode is the best example for one kid who was brought up the wrong way and turned into a psycho and a sadist at that. At least, we have one person who enjoys the company of the island.

The father: who did nothing but dominate in the world using money, position and title. You know, most politicians do this nowadays, especially on my country. Not that I would really like them to do so or if I have the evidence that they did but hey- they are also humans that has the need and money is the only answer to everything and no – I won’t deny it since I am also thinking of the same thing. Let’s be honest, the world revolves on money now – it’s a fact.

The lawyer: who have so much confidence in his words and power in countering with words. Yes, there are also lawyers as such in real life. Man, if only I have the chance to show this kind of series to those people, I would have already to awaken their senses. Just because they are in a position where justice never fails on their words, that doesn’t mean that they have the right to abuse such powers. Yes, this is also another mistake of a mere human.

Sakamoto, on the other hand, our main character, manage to convince himself that they are inside of a game. Actually, this is where I started liking Sakamoto. Not because he’s confident about his BTOOOM! skills but because he was not just pure words in this episode (well, in half of it anyway). When it comes to strategy, sure Sakamoto leads from the kid although there should be some physical limit as well. We all know that Sakamoto is a guy who doesn’t leave his room (yes, the kid hit the spot there when he said it). As for the action on the Player vs. Player scenes, it was good but didn’t excite me like I was expecting. Lol (I know, I’m expecting too much).

See this bag? It will disappear.

The anime manage to follow the story flow of the manga – the time overlapping and transitions. It was kind of good since it’s a unique flow of story that the manga has which I’m very happy that they implemented it on the anime. This type of flow shows stories of different characters, not just the main/s.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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