BTOOOM! Episode 3: Survival

“So if we don’t do our best to get food, we won’t survive, right?” – Taira Kiyoshi


Ryouta Sakamoto was able to found another human in the island but this time, it’s a girl. Scared of what a man would do to her, Himiko ran away from him. Ryouta, with his knowledge about the radar, used it in finding her and when he did, he was able to detect someone and it ended up to be another different person who became his partner in this death game.

Taira Kiyoshi, the man Ryouta found instead of the girl, explained how and who dumped the 20-30 number of people into the island and at that, Ryouta, who lost his memories about what happened, learned that he might have an idea on who are they. With everything has the relation with BTOOOM! itself, Ryouta thought that the people who are behind this death game was the creator of the game, Tyrannos Japan.


First things first, this series is VERY serious and at that it has very serious topics. You will rarely get to see comedy scenes or scene that would actually make you laugh like normal ones. Also, this series might have some touch of psychological where thoughts of people battle out. Considering BTOOOM! is a strategic game, it might give some sense for the series to be full of epic thoughts and plans in store.

But, of course, a series with no comedy or funny scenes would be too boring, would it? Almost all anime series with action would have a touch of comedy. Nonetheless, BTOOOM! also has some comedy scenes where as some was shown but only give this small impact on viewers (If it did on some, I’m sure it did not on me). Let’s see about the meeting of Ryouta and Taira. Ryouta, who thought he already found the girl that he’s chasing after, suddenly saw a man, pants down and is pooping (talk about being caught pooping lol). Normally, you would laugh – well maybe some did but not me. Although it twitched my lips into a smile and it was funny enough to be an entertainment. XD Or maybe the primary reason it didn’t have that good impact on me since I know that it’s going to happen (I remember chuckling when I read it).

Sir, he can see your… ugh… poop?

Also, another one would be the sudden change of Ryouta’s character when he decided to team up with Taira and that he would go to “respect mode” since Taira is years older than him. I guess it must be normal but then again, minutes ago, you were just treating him as your enemy and doubting his words. The sudden change of personality, that, I find it funny.

We get some facts about what’s happening now: 20-30 people were thrown into an island to kill each other. Why would they kill? Because they needed 7 more chips to get a total of 8 to get out of the island. Chips? You see that green thingy on their hands? The radar/sensor thingy. That one. Which is not going to come off unless you kill the person. Also that the one behind this big scary thing is Tyrannos Japan which is considered to be one big game developing company that holds the greatest game developers in the whole country and as respected by the whole world. So much for being addicted to one game which was created by weirdos who would go this far just for a world-renowned game such as BTOOOM!

There are also more than two types of bombs, or they call them BIMs, which was explained to them beforehand (whereas Ryouta, the lead, forgets them lol). Talk about creativity for a game, right? Haha And also the reason why Ryouta lost his memories on a few hours of his life – which was the most important part that he needs to know. lolol

This episode also tackled one aspect of the “game” that they are in. Planes would go and drop some parachuted cases which was probably might have contained supplies. Well, it might be a big bother if all of them died in the island but it might be more cooler if they will have to search for food themselves (like getting fishes from the beach like what the guys did on episode 2). But I guess Tyrannos (whom suspected to be the one behind all of this) doesn’t want to take such risk for their plan, which is still a mystery; though getting the supplies were a problem especially if you’re in an island where enemies can be everywhere and that you will be fighting against them just to get a hold of one case. The episode also showed the probability of you, being killed by another, in an attempt to get your hands into one of the cases which can be used as traps as like the one demonstrated on the episode. At least, it was some smart move: not only you get supplies, you get another additional chip.

Now that you’re dead, I shall take your hand – I mean, your chip, lady.

What so good in an island where everyone is your enemy and your ticket to get out of there? Having a companion that you can trust. And that’s what Ryouta sees on Taira. Hopefully, their relationship would develop and that their trust would be of that from a bond unbreakable since the situation that they are in might be just too dangerous to two strangers who would like to pretend to trust each other. It might be a pain to gather two times the number of chips that you needed but there’s nothing better than having someone beside you, right? Taira, as a character is a good one as well. Not only that, Ryouta needed parental guidance. We already know what kind of a brat Ryouta can be it might help him grow up having an adult by his side.

The episode ended on seeing another of the thrown persons on the island and this time, it’s a child. Wait – A BRAT, I’LL TELL YOU IN ADVANCED AND A PSYCHO AT THAT (but cute).


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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