BTOOOM! Episode 2: Her Story


“Are you telling me to kill someone?” – Himiko


She woke up in an unknown place and figured that she has to play the game and kill. With her innocence and her narrow sense of justice, she refuses to do so. But then, having three more people as her comrades felt a little safer than being alone in the island although for some circumstances, that’s not what happened. Their group split up after one was killed by the other. Being pushed to kill someone, she refused to follow another and ended up being sexually harassed. With no other choice, she chose to kill the both of them before her virginity disappears but then ended up killing the other for running away. With what happened, her thoughts changed about killing.

She was living a normal life like any other normal student does; she believed that she had the average life. She has friends, blonde, has foreign eyes and is quite attractive although she would dream the opposite. But one day, something occurred that she and her friends never thought would happen.


Well, as expected, they went on and told Himiko’s story at episode 2. But not really to oppose the choice, it would have been better if they didn’t show the whole story of her since: 1. The episode showed what kind of relationship Himiko and Ryouta will might have and 2. They have to skip the important parts of the series which is the explanation as to why they are on an isolated island and has to kill people. Except, it has some good sides as well like: 1. The episode actually gave the “romance” genre justice at the beginning, 2. It had a great story flow based on the previous episode’s after song scene and 3. The episode gave the viewers the initial thoughts as to how they ended up on the island by showing Himiko’s story (although I know that the next episode will also do some more elaborated explanation about it).

There are seldom numbers of anime series out there that the male and female lead are separated and has to wait for a preview/after song scenes/another episode for the two of them to really meet. BTOOOM! follows such flow as well. At first, I didn’t really expect to see Himiko at episode one but one good thing about it, “something I didn’t expect happened” which is one good side of a series that I am looking for. For someone as me, to have read the manga and knows how the story will flow, such modifications on the anime is needed in order for me to get interested. Like your usual damsel in distress, Himiko can be also describing as. She’s really weak and only has her looks as her weapon (but not that much of an effect anyway). Still, I can’t imagine Ryouta, a whimp, would be able to protect this damsel in distress after meeting up and plus, Himiko has this phobia against men after having such a dreadful experience and the “almost got raped” part of the episode. But, of course, we shall see the development between these characters at most after a few episodes.

What Himiko did when her friends were raped one by one and was terribly harassed was something unavoidable. Even if I were in her situation, surrounded by perverted guys and has seen what they have done, I won’t be able to fight back for my friends. Yes, leaving the place and calling the cops was the best choice but it was sad that her friends didn’t even try to understand her. She was powerless and outnumbered by pervs, you know! And sure, what Himiko did to that fat guy was justice! Although suicide wasn’t the best choice at this but considering the situation she was in, with no help from anywhere or anyone at all, with lying down there, helpless and couldn’t even move because of something heavy above her, I can’t blame her for thinking so.

Behold, your present before taking my virginity!

Well, not to really protect what kind of girl Himiko is but for me, it was rather situational that she was able to do things that were done. Those band guys weren’t worth my attention; how can someone fall for them anyway? lol


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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