Sword Art Online Episode 11: Morning Dew Girl


I love cute things.

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  1. Train says:

    This episode was a complete change of pace: was simple, showing their daily life after marrying, but was a very good one anyway. Asuna’s reaction to the “ghost” was funny, she was practically freaking out.
    Yui is sooooooo cute and innocent, and i felt almost the same things you did seeing their( Asuna, Kirito and Yui’s) daily actions/lives in the cottage. It was so happy to see Kirito and Asuna with their new daughter( well she called them, Papa and Mama, so :D). As you pointed out, that was really the only genuinely happy episode, now that i think about it.

    I guess Yui will end up being some part of the entirety that is the system of SAO, maybe something at its center, like a manifestation of the feelings of the people trapped in it or something.Or maybe even a kind of “bug” or “error” of the system, or at least that is what that last scene made me think about, seeing like when she started to remember something, there was that noise and her terrified look. You and the other people here flagged this “box of tissues” thing many times so i kind of fear what may happen to Yui. Hope it isn’t anything really bad. ;;

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