Naruto Shippuden Episode 278: Seeds of Doubt


With Neji having overused his Byakugan, Kiba urges him to get himself checked out at the medical camp. Soon afterwards, Neji gets himself treated by Sakura, and word spreads of a spy in their midst killing off medical jounin. Everyone starts to become suspicious of each other, and trust is lost in the camp.


Zetsu’s a douche. Despite that though, I think he did a pretty good job impersonating Neji, given that he knew almost nothing about him and yet still managed to fool someone like Sakura, who has been acquainted with Neji for almost the whole show. This replacement tactic is surprisingly smart, and as Shikaku realized, would bring down the entire army possibly before the second day’s fighting began. The fact that it was Neji-Zetsu that pointed out that everyone is suspicious and that it could be anyone in the camp really helped to sow the seeds of doubt within the Allied shinobi. Asking after Shizune would have most likely resulted in attempt to kill her (had Zetsu managed to reach her) though something random like Tonton actually helped Sakura realize it was an impostor. LMAO, bad luck not knowing Tonton was a pig.

The shady guy that kept creeping around corners didn’t turn out to be against the Allied forces after all – instead he wanted to propose to Sakura o.O Sakura saying that she already has someone she loves and the screen shifting to Sasuke makes me wonder whether she truly still is in love with him especially after their most recent reunion, in which Sasuke tried to treat Sakura to a Chidori-infused jab of love. And of course who could forget her “confession” to Naruto? (As well as the awkward moment afterwards when Naruto was actually mature and saw through it). Anyway, whether you love or hate Sakura, she won’t be pairing up with a random background character anytime soon xD

Nothing much else occurred this episode, other than a brief appearance from Nagato and Itachi, both still in the field for some reason. Them freely talking does hint that Kabuto hasn’t stripped them of their free will yet, though this is one of the cases where their ability to keep their minds while fighting is gonna inflict more psychological damage on the Allied forces, as well as perhaps Sasuke, who is bound to turn up at some point. Whatever Kabuto’s plans are, a combination of the Rinnegan and Mangekyou Sharingan is going to be deadly.


I love cute things.

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