Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 8 + 9: Rejection + The Light’s Shadow

 Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 8: Rejection

Yuuki finds himself wounded up back in the girls’ dormitory once again, only this time as a prize for a Shogi game that Hazuki suggested to Satsuki if she wanted to learn the reasons she had left the household.


Pffth, I absolutely loved the way they kicked off the episode. Nothing better than teasing the fans even though the majority of them know it’s probably a joke. This kind of tactics will never cease to amuse me.

I’m really happy that Satsuki was able to get the answers. The reason why Hazuki doesn’t like the family is because even though her biological mother is alive and she and Satsuki are true sisters, she refuses to acknowledge their biological mother as her ‘mother’ because the woman wasn’t the one whom she was raised with. The one who did will always be her mom, no matter what.

I’m really happy that Yuuki explained to Chisato that he does not feel the same kind of love as she does towards him. I was hardly surprised, and truthfully I was anxiously waiting for the rejection. I knew from the start that Yuuki didn’t love her as someone he would consider as his girlfriend.

Satsuki is pretty bold herself. She though the majority of the time it’s teasing, but when it comes down to making her points she isn’t afraid to push forward if she’s given the chance to.


 Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 9: The Light’s Shadow

After an incident during his morning campaign, Yuuki decided to add a new program to his platform of what he’d like to represents. However his wish to support the financial-aid students may jeopardize his chances of winning.


Well shit, Yuuki just got – probably not actually struck but will go for a check up anyways. =_=; I’m already not a fan of Chisato’s clingyness, so I’m really not looking forward to her not daring to let him go.

There was one scene when some girls were bullying Isara which that had motivated Yuuki to add the particular issue to the campaign. I found his reaction to the scene quite exaggerated. I was like, “Really? Really?” Was he seriously considering on landing a punch or shoving one of the girls aside? I honestly can’t tell since he was stopped before he could do anything potentially stupid.

Today we were able to get a good glimpse of the Public Safety, hence why I entitled this entry as “The Light’s Shadow”. Since the beginning, the Food Club has only seen the ‘good side’ of the Public Safety because of Yakumo taking charge and helping them with the election. However today we learned not only from Isara, but by the aura of a few members and the president herself, who was on probation is actually pretty messed up and do terrible things.

The actual president for the Public Safety, Oosawa Yuina is really dark.  She is not someone who should be in the security department. She’s messed up and will only stir up trouble. The fact she is sly enough to even suggest they use Yuuki as a puppet while they pull the strings gave us a good idea how manipulative she can be.

I’m starting to theorize that Yakumo, Satsuki and Yuuki will team up to publicize Yuina’s true color or something (though I figure it’s already out there since she was put on probation in the first place). I’m honestly suspicious that she might be the one who had struck Yakumo’s sister. My theory goes with the idea that perhaps Yakumo and his sister were teaming up and she was supposed to get that evidence but Yuina being cunning as she is struck her and destroyed the SD card as we saw in the first episode. I honestly don’t see Yakumo as the evil type, especially since he doesn’t appear to be very fond of Oosawa. Also, I felt that the two members we saw today who stepped in as part of their duties are giving me vibes of potentially betraying him. They seem to have that scary, interrogator part of them that makes them qualified as Yuina’s underlining- if you get what I mean.




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3 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    I’m going to hold on to my futile hopes that cute girls named Yui can never be bad people, even though she was most probably the mastermind behind the incident that hospitalized Yakumo’s sister. The show really loves vehicle accidents doesn’t it? Imouto, Chisato’s bro and now Yuuki,

  2. elior1 says:

    just wait until you will see episode 10 there will be unxpected twist of events there somthing we didnt expected to happen

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