Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 7: Seduction Spree

Now that Yuuki has qualified as an official third party for the election candidates, what Yakumo mentors Yuuki and explains that he must sway the votes since their two rivals have an overwhelming lead. The club hosts a camp to work further on their campaign.


AHAHAHA Isara, my god. That finger sucking moment killed me. Everyone’s reactions, including Yuuki’s who was like “WTF”!!!! Every fanservice in this show is any but subtle. It’s a brick to the face.

I feel bad for Chisato, she’s having a rough time. Her brother had died after being struck by an automobile,  and she’s still feeling quite sensitive about it, and on top of that is visibility jealous- but not in a nasty way, she’s much more subtle about it.

Chisato is very bold to go into the same bath as Yuuki in attempt to seduce him. However Yuuki acted really maturely, he wasn’t nose-bleeding, he didn’t faint, he was pretty calm and rational. This is actually why I really like his character. How often do you see male leads within a harem behaving this way? It’s almost so typical to see them nose-bleeding, fainting, being constantly punched  in the face because of misunderstandings or perverted acts, etc…

I found this episode comfirmed that Yuuki does not feel the same kind of ‘love’ as Chisato feels towards him.  I see their whole relationship as a brother an sister, and I think Yuuki really stuck up beside her and took on a similar role as a brother would in order to support her.

The mystery regarding the tensions between Satsuki and Hazuki continues. Satsuki is trying really hard to get answers from Hazuki on why she stubbornly refuses get involved with their family and why she has a problem with them. Something is going on behind the scenes, or there’s a secret that Satsuki is probably unaware of. With this being quite a protigous school, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a scandel.

Speaking scandals, Satsuki saves the day by letting Yuuki into her room AND suggested that he stayed the night! HOW SCANDALOUS!!! FUFUFUFUFUFUFU~

It would be very bad if Yuuki were to be found in the girls’ dorm. That alone would destroy his chances of winning the altogether, but it would be even worse if both were to be found- in a room, together…alonnneeeeeee. It would be the BOMB! BOOM, IT’S ALL OVER, JUST LIKE THAT AND THE ODDS FOR VICTORY WILL GO TO MOHEIJI, THE SHADEY BASTARD.

I found Satsuki to be quite a bold girl as well, but definitely more courageous. She hopes to seek answers that her sister is keeping in the dark or dodging altogether. She had hoped that Hazuki shared some of those secrets with Yuuki because to Satsuki’s POV, they appeared to be close enough to be in a relationship.

Finally, I liked how they ended the episode, oh such a tease, it’s amusing as hell.  Oh and that’s right, was it just me or was I the only one who was so confused about the camp? I found myself incredibly confused going, “Wait what, when the hell did they arrive at the camp?!” The outdoor bath is what threw me off because I was like, “Hot springs?”. For some reason it didn’t occur to me that they were holding the camp at school. If I’m the only one confused then, then  I have cleared failed to realize that.


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