Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 11: Resolutions


Yuuki learns the full story behind Michiru and Kana, telling Michiru immediately to look for Kana at the hospital. Rushing there, they find her bed empty and assume she’s been kidnapped, with an enraged Yakumo promising severe consequences should Kana be hurt. Michiru was the one that had in fact taken her out, and she plays her harmonica song, waking Kana up and reuniting her with Yakumo. Yuuki goes home to find Chisato waiting for him, who eats a bite of chocolate in front of him, showing him that she has moved on. After a mock wedding, the two are heading home and get knocked out by the Katahira faction, kidnapping Chisato.


So much for Yuuki x Satsuki then. I felt that this episode was one of many resolutions, some more convenient than others – and one of them was the end to Chisato’s entire internal conflict. Yuuki and Chisato look set to become an item now (foreshadowing with the whole pretend marriage thing), and given her attitude and reactions through the entire show thus far, I do feel almost cheated out of the good romance I was expecting.

It seems I was completely wrong about Yuina and the Katahira faction having something to do with Kana’s disappearance, since it turned out to be all Michiru’s doing. Yakumo’s devotion to Kana really is admirable, and it was quite scary for him to finally open his eyes like that and make threats. He wasn’t really an enemy in the end, and more of a person who was forced into a certain situation because that’s how it turned out – and thus he was forced to obey the Katahira faction in order to ensure Kana’s safety. Now that she’s awake, there’s no need for that anymore, and hopefully Yuuki gets Yakumo’s backing once more to win the election. In terms of her awakening I wasn’t too happy  as it was rather rushed – it didn’t really have too much meaning or reason; but it’s one way to end things quickly to get back to the election and the tenser moments of the show.

Instead, Yuina’s group have decided to kidnap Chisato and hold her hostage, leaving Yuuki in a pinch. Their ultimatum would probably have something to do with losing the election on purpose, or agreeing to listen to their demands once elected. Given that tomorrow’s episode seems set to be the last, I wonder how everything’s going to wrap up – especially as there’s a huge loose end with Yuuki seeing people’s faces as masks and Michiru being able to see people’s auras. They’d better not subtly ignore those after painstakingly making it obvious that it wasn’t normal.


I love cute things.

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