Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 48: Appraisal


“Someone who can never truly be appraised.” – Zepile


Gon, Killua and Leorio decided to hunt for more money to get their hands on a copy of the game, Greed Island and at the same time trying to catch members of the Phantom Troupe, Spiders, in order to get more money as a bounty. Leorio went to search the net for information regarding the people and the duo, Gon and Killua, went to search for items that have Nen on them to auction them to get a higher price.

But because the Sountherbees auction catalog list was already published, they didn’t had the chance to submit the three items they’ve got from the market to be auctioned and was given an advice to sue the trade market to get them to be sold. They stopped by at one stall but then ended up being scammed instead.


Yes, it was long already to not have Gon and Killua (and of course Leorio) out of the screen. Well, since this is the Phantom Troupe’s arc, it would focus more on Kurapika and the Spiders but then it’s good that they don’t forget the other characters as well. Although I am curious who Kurapika is going to face next after defeating Uvogin. :D And somehow, in this episode, the “trader” character of both Killua and Gon were triggered and they have become really great on market. XD

Another one is that, someone joined the party. He’s Zepile and he is an appraiser. He appraises items and can extract the reasonable price for them. He’s quite capable and I really like his character as well. The thing is, Killua and Gon had a little trade of questions and answer with him after he saved them from being scammed by one from the trade market. He once wanted a fee for the advice but then they ended up treating him to lunch instead and thus, after knowing that Gon is in search for his father, needs a get a hand of one copy of Greed Island, and the fact that Gon is a licensed hunter himself, he decided to join their party as their appraiser.

One great thing about this is that Killua and Gon manage to increase their marketing strategies. Not only they have someone that can help them appraise items on the auction, they have another person who could help them on their mission to earn more money for the copy of the game. I am not sure when the game is going to be auctioned though since the former auction on the September 1st was already canceled because of troubles. But I guess that gave Gon and the others more chance to earn money.

I still think that THAT bug0like phone is just sooooo hilarious. Not only Gon has one but Killua and Leorio has one! LOL I’d like phone companies to have this design someday. XD It might trend. lol

During their little talk about techniques on how to fool an appraiser or a normal item buyer, Leorio called onto Gon saying that he found two members from the Phantom Group and the three are now heading to the spot, leaving Zepile with the items and the obligation to earn from them. XD Poor Zepile.

There isn’t really so much that has happened in this episode and thankfully they would be able to face two of the Spiders so more action! Yay!


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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