Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 47: The Condition

“Do you still remember the people you’ve killed?” – Kurapika


Kurapika vs. Uvogin. Uvo as, by far seen, having a strong offense and defense is seriously one hell of an opponent. To have his issue to be settled against Kurapika, he found pleasure just by knowing that he can fight Kurapika on a one-on-one battle thus far, Kurapika requested somewhere isolated for them to have a nice fight.

Uvo, with confidence at its peak, decided to use half of his power halfway of the battle knowing Kurapika will be worth it. Not until he learns that Kurapika is more than just either a Manipulator or a Conjurer.


This episode really took focus on some of the chains of Kurapika. Not to mention, the other details that wasn’t explained far from the previous episode were learned; such as the holes which Kurapika’s teacher mentioned, “Manipulating an unbreakable chain is impossible.” Even so, Kurapika’s chains are special and they are much close to being unbreakable. (Talk about unbreakable items from SAO haha) Especially that each chains infuses different kinds of Nen.

Uvo’s confidence was shattered knowing that he is facing against Nen users who he is weak against and especially on a one-one-one fight. But that didn’t shatter his aim to win over Kurapika as to speak. He even tried to break Kurapika’s left hand with big bang punches and as soon as he started to use his 100% full power. (Reminded me so much on that Yusuke x Taguro fight from Yuu Yuu Hakusho)

Let us talk about Kurapika’s chains. He, so far in the episode, used three out of the five chains that he has. First was the middle chain which is to chain down any enemy and was used on previous episode as well. Since he has kurta eyes, his Nen usage and capability is being enhanced by multiple times and thus making him able to use other techniques with no problem. So far, his middle chain can seal of Nen of those who are chained down by them making it impossible for a person to break the chains without Nen. A very lethal weapon to a Nen user who is confident on his Nen for defense and offense like Uvo, isn’t it?

The second one was the thumb chain for healing. Since Kurapika’s left hand was broken by Uvo with his full power big bang punch, it resulted for Kurapika’s left hand into injury that Uvo, for once thught, impossible for him to use that hand again. But Uvo’s thoughts were failed by Kurapika when he used his chains to heal his left arm and move them without any problems.

The last chain that was used in this episode was his pinky finger chain for conditional judgment. The appearance of the pinky chain is the same with the one attached to Kurapika’s heart which you can already tell what would happen if that chain were to be attached to you. Kurapika will set a condition and if you fail to meet those conditions, you will die instantly. This was the chain that was used against Uvo, who was stubborn to answer Kurapika’s questions and led up to his defeat.

Let me also talk about the animation. I know, I expected the animation fight as awesome and it was! After seeing the animation on the fight between Gon and Hisoka, I would at least expect much epicness. This is why I love Madhouse~ <3 Now the only mystery left is how Kurapika manages to extend and contract the length of those chains. lol



I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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