Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 46: The Bounty Hunt

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Hisoka offered his help for Kurapika in a team-up. Although it’s not that they will fight side by side but rather to exchange information regarding the Phantom Troupe and its activities. But before Kurapika can give out his answer, he was called by Melody and reported the situation that happened when Uvo got escape from caption. Because of this, the Phantom Troupe also made their move into tracking down the Nostrade Family and its family members in order to settle Uvo and Kurapika’s fight.

It is also seems that Gon, Killua and Leorio are continuing with their money-earning activity to get their hands into a copy of the game, Greed Island. Their first plan with the arm wrestling was a success and was able to earn the initial price for the game copy but they needed more and so they continue their plan but then encountered people who told them they could earn more in just a short time but ended up with a “hide and seek” game where they are going to hunt down all the members of the Phantom Troupe themselves!


Kurapika, as being very obvious, to be the strongest in the Nostrade body guards team left (well, even if the leader, Dalzollene is still around, Kurapika is still the strongest, imo), became the new leader of the body guards. Kurapika also commented that it was a little too soon that he expected but either way, it is still good news on his plan. With no more objections from the remaining members of the body guards, she became the temporary leader and the one who was obligated to contact the father of their boss, Neon.

Of course, Neon, again, had her appearance after a few episodes as well. Not only that, I am still amazed as to how this girl at her age would sorry more about the mummy in the auction than her men. Well, I might understand that they are still strangers to them but for Dalzo’s side of the story, he seems to be the closest one to Neon but didn’t even feel that much despair after knowing he is already dead. Still, this is one cute side of Neon as well that I adore. Haha

It seems that the Phantom Troupe’s doubt towards Hisoka has been stabilized as well. Learning the fact that the boss of the Nostrade Family can predict the future, they had to erase such doubts in their heads and attack the family members of the Family. Due to Kurapika’s research, they were able to transfer Neon into another room before they could even reached her original registered room on the list of family members found on the Pro Hunter’s Website. This is one dull move from the Nostrade Family. I mean, why would they still need to put such information in a website (I know that even though it’s not public) about their current location when they are called an “underground group”? Aren’t they supposed to be hiding? Lol


I still think that this beatle-like phone is just sooo adorable on Gon. haha

It has been a long time since we saw Gon, Killua, and Leorio around so the humor of the series went back with the simple talk about moles and fishes, thanks to Gon’s logical thinking as someone who can’t catch idioms. It is also a good sign that they were able to find themselves in the same track as Kurapika: meeting the Phantom Troupe members and capture them. Even though Gon tried to contact Kurapika, there was no answer from him since he’s busy concentrating on his coming opponent where it might gonna lead to a one-on-one fight.

Next episode is gonna be a fun one! Kurapika vs. Uvo. Let’s get this on!!!


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. chacha says:

    neon is naive, in the manga she says something about “not getting involve” i think that is the reason, why she didnt cry at all for Dalzolne and some of her guys…
    even after that she is still my fave…

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