Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 45: Team up!

Hisoookaaaaaaa and his Hisogasssm lol


After catching Uvo, they finally manage to get him into a cell and paralyze him with gas since needles doesn’t really work on his great Nen defense. Even Kurapika acknowledges his defense that even a sword would break. Although, the Phantom Troupe still is in the look out for them to rescue Uvo and to find the treasures that had disappeared from the Troupe’s attack.

Catching up to Uvo’s captor, rode on a car with five members, they were ambushed by the rest of the Shadow beasts and epically, the Shadow Beasts face again another fail and lost all of their members except for one which has all the treasures from the auction.


The moment when the rest of the Shadow Beasts were wiped out hilariously. lol

Another fail from Shadow Beasts again! Lol I mean, it’s just so funny, really. Although I might see one of them as very handy, I didn’t get the chance to even see the others’ ability since the scene changed from the race to rescue Uvo to the already-killed beasts on the ground. XD But I do like one of their member’s Nen, which is to shrink anything with the use of some cloth. If I have that kind of ability, it would be kickass!

It was shown on the episode that Uvo’s defense is intense but I wonder why Kurapika landed a punch on his face and he even got bruise and blood coming out of his mouth after removing the fist of anger from Uvo’s face. It was really cool of Kurapika to do so but then; maybe Uvo was caught off guard since he was in the middle of answering a question. Even so, it was also said that he’s mentally prepared for a torture but then I guess, that punch wasn’t for torture. XD Or we can just safely say that Kurapika is superior to Uvo when he’s so angry, especially when lives are on the line of conversation.

It seems Hisoka showed up in this episode! YAY (Hisogasm fangirl on the line) Therefore, the intensity of the episode grew and since Hisoka is on a plan to team up with Kurapika (as have shown on the original animation already but…) it would be a great show! Also, Uvo can’t calm down and just accept that Kurapika seemed to have landed a punch on his face (not his real intention but I find this really funny), he decided to settle the thing with him first before returning to their (temporary) headquarters.

Also, another thing this episode made me laugh, Dalzollene, Nostrade’s lead guard, called to the Mafia to collect Uvo but in the end, turned out to be the Troupe themselves and he got himself killed. I mean, most of the Nostrade Family hired guards are now… dead. Lol I’m not sure if it is but I really think it was too funny to know that they had only a few episodes alive when they were so talented together during the Nostrade’s initial test. XD


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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