Eureka Seven AO Episode 8: “One Nation Under Groove”/ Blue Thunder

“A father should trust his children.” -Christophe Blanc

Summary: Ao tries to leave Generation Bleu headquarters to try and save Naru, but is stopped before he gets out the door. Christophe lectures him on trust (and then promptly has him followed.) The team is dispatched to Fasial Arabia (a weird version of Saudi Arabia?) but because of political pressure is called back. Neither Ao nor anyone else on the crew really want to leave, since they know that if they do, hundreds of people will die. Ao and Fleur have a heart to heart about how much they hate their dads. In the end, with a little help of some faked news footage of suffering people, Team Pied Piper is allowed to go after the Secret. Fleur and Ao take it out using some good old fashioned teamwork, and their friendship ends up becoming stronger.

Impressions: This gave me the distinct impression of an old monster-of-the-week X-Files episode. It doesn’t really add much to the over all storyline, there’s a little bit of character development, but mostly it just revolves around beating the Secret (which this week looks like a lightning swan of doom.) I guess the biggest pieces of information from this episode are 1. that Fleur is Christophe’s daughter (“Oh my god, I’m so shocked!” -No one) and that 2. Ao hates his dad (“Oh my god, I’m so shocked!” -Everyone.)


It seems so weird, at least to me, that Ao (who I like) would hate Renton, his father (whom I also like.) Unless Renton becomes a huge asshole and hates kittens or something along those lines now that he’s older, I really just can’t see why Ao would hate him. Especially since they’ve never met. But hey, this show (and E7) have always had their share of daddy issues. Also, what was up with them deciding that going after Truth was a not important thing? He’s not just a terrorist guys, he’s a WEIRD SUPER POWERFUL ALIEN who’s snatchin’ all your love interests up. Why would you think he’d not be up to bad stuff?

Did anyone else catch the date that George mentioned when he was talking about the last time a Secret showed up that looked like how some classy Italian restaurants will wrap up your left overs? It was 1752. Uh…either it’s a translation error or something is seriously whack with time here. I don’t think that in the original E7 Scub bursts and the like were mentioned that early in history. Or do I just not remember that (which is totally possible)?


Final thought: Laughing for days at Gazelle and the others dressing up for the fake video stuff. That was a good twist ending.


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