Eureka Seven AO Episode 7: “No One is Innocent”/ Bye Bye Angel

“Oh lord…” -Gazelle

Summary: This episode starts with the same 4 minutes or so of animation from last week, with Truth breaking into the Generation Bleu headquarters. He continues his seemingly unstoppable rampage through the building, busting down walls and just generally blowing shit up. Stanley and Christophe seem to think that he is after a something secret they have hidden in the basement, when really Truth is after Ao. He finally finds Ao in the IFO hanger. Truth asks some questions as to why Ao has “that woman’s” mecha. Ao, deciding that that might not be such a good place to be right now, performs an emergency launch and flies out of the building with Truth hanging on to the Nirvash. He appears to transform into a huge shadow monster thing (in the same black/hot pink color combination as the Secret) and that’s the last we see of Ao as things get really weird.

What happens next can best be described as a strange dream sequence. The colors are all very, very bleached during this time, almost to the point of being black and white. The only thing in normal color is the trapar. Naru is trying to see the Scub Coral that appeared on the island and meets Ao, who is somehow magically there. From the way he talks and acts, you can kinda tell that something is up (cut to pile of guards that “Ao” has killed.) He takes Naru to see the Scub and tells her that she can breath without her inhaler. They start to float away over the Scub when suddenly Ao shows up (this one has Noah with him, so he’s the real deal.)

Fake!Ao turns into Truth, who starts blowing stuff up, and the real Ao runs off to get the Nirvash. Naru get’s Gazelle to follow them (because apparently he’s there too…) Ao and Truth fight, and Truth again transforms into a weird shadow demon thing which Naru recognizes as her “Sea Giant” that rescued her from the Scub Burst 10 years ago. She jumps/flies out of the car and Truth and her escape through a beam of light. Ao wakes up in the hospital to find out he’s been asleep 3 days after his original fight with Truth. He had been dreaming, except, as Fleur informs him, that Truth really did take Naru.

Impressions: What a mindfuck of an episode. Truth is equal parts AWESOME and really, really annoying. His powers are great and all but they seem almost to God-like to be true. He can basically do whatever he wants; fly, take on the Nirvash bare handed, blow stuff up with a snap of his fingers, transform into other people. It just seems like it’s too much power and not enough explanation (yet. Hopefully.) as to how or why he’s so strong. And what’s up with the dream sequence? How much of it was true and how much of it was Ao’s dream? ARGH AND NARU! Why did you decide to go with Truth of all people? He’s obviously bad news. Girl, not only is your forehead ginormous, but you also suck at making good life choices.

Scary monsters!

Truth has obviously met Eureka, since he knows the Nirvash and refers to Ao as “That woman’s son.” As much as he seems interested in Ao (so he can do what with him? That’s the real question. Does Truth aim to kill him? Why?) he’s much more interested in Naru for some reason. There’s something special about her other than her new found ability to fly with her forehead (maybe that’s why it’s so big…) So Naru will, I guess, be off having adventures with Truth for the next while. Also interesting is Truth’s interaction with the female band singer Mirror. The way he acts around her isn’t as if he recognizes her specifically but more like he recognizes something in her that he sees as familiar and non-threatening. She seems like she’ll play some small but important part in the story.

Easily the best face of the series so far

Final though: How pretty was the scenery in this episode? Especially in the dream parts, with Ao and Naru surrounded by all those little green Trapar particles? Me gusta. Someone gets a gold star for that in my book.


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2 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    //There’s something special about her other than her new found ability to fly with her forehead (maybe that’s why it’s so big…)// *SPITS OUT DRINK*

    That’s why her head is so big, it’s full of secrets! /SHOT I COULDN’T RESIST, IT WAS THE FIRST THING THAT STRUCK MY HEAD WHEN I READ THAT. LMAO!!!! No seriously, WTF is with you Naru???

    • Tenderfoot says:

      Ha! I know! It’s like I want to love her but…she just makes such bad life choices. Running off with Truth is only the tip of the iceberg. Have you noticed that for some one who is supposedly “sick” she’s always wearing very little clothing? How’s that helping? At least put on a real t-shirt. She’s clearly not the brightest crayon in the box.

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