Eureka Seven AO Episode 20: “Better Days Ahead”/ Last Message


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  1. Vantage says:

    If you’re referencing both Zelda and facing the same boss multiple times, then the king of content reuse, Skyward Sword has to be the perfect example. Both Ghirahim and the Imprisoned, three times. Especially the latter – it was bad enough with arms, then it just had to grow a tail, wings and a halo. Fun xD

  2. Tenderfoot says:

    The Imprisoned! Yes! That is a perfect example. I hated that thing with the fire of a thousand suns. By the third time I had to fight it (when you have to shoot at it with the cannon for the first time) I was like “Yeah, I’m so done with this.” and that was about where I quit.

  3. Wanderer says:

    I’m suspecting they are going to remove that ship in the blu-ray version to show it wasn’t destroyed. Either that or they explained the ship being damaged but wasn’t fatal. (probably fixed a bit by BBB before they appeared)

    Personally though, I’m kinda tired of things keep on going kaboom in space. Seriously, unless its related to power and explosives, getting hit by objects in space is not gonna cause booms or dust debris. You’ll see walls getting penetrated or impacts, but unless those so called debris are mini-explosives, they shouldn’t detonate like that upon contact

    The thing with the adults, I’m suspecting its the increased influence of the scub corals. It could have been that kids, with weaker immune system than the adults, are easier to invade for the corals. However, now that even the adults are being influenced with overexposure? (either that or the US army did something to them to increase coral influence?)

    As for the mysterious man, not sure, but it is most likely not Renton since I’m suspecting the mysterious person in the OP is Renton, so the appearances doesn’t match.

    Btw, who thinks Noah Helmet is a win?

    • Tenderfoot says:

      Noah Helmet is a total win. They should really work on getting an official one into production (or a winter hat, that would be almost even better), because I would buy that. Because if there’s one thing that’s been solid for me since the beginning of the show, it would be Noah.

  4. Bystanding says:

    Between the whole 22 episodes rumour (which the official TV listings seem to verify, actually – they’re listing Episode 22 as the ‘final’ episode of AO), and some of the shoddy animation popping up here and there in the recent episodes, AO may well be having some Gainax problems with its endgame funding. I’m seriously hoping it either gets the full 24 episode run (maybe a 23-24 omnibus a la Code Geass) or a continuation of some sort (which they might need, given the complexity of the series development – though if it’s to end up like DTB2 I’d rather it just not happen altogether). In my dreams, I see a full 50 episode run of two series but dreams are nice like that.

    This episode took trolling to a new level though :I I’ve been waiting to see if Devilfish and theEND pop up for around twenty episodes now – first I see a gleam of silver, only to find that it’s Harlequin, and then I see theEND only to find that it’s obliterated. Blegh. I’m really finding it hard to believe that they’re not going to do anything with it – either Kanon is somehow related to it (probably, hopefully not) or they’ll bring it back properly later (mmm…)

    As for why Elena decides to go over to the Allied Forces, that’s not too difficult; since the materialisation of the Quartz Gun, her eyes have been on that, and if Ao’s not going to fire it she’s probably intending to take it by force and do it herself. Still think she’s Anemone’s daughter by the hair, though the way the whole Anemone-Dominic thing got like two seconds of air-time in theEND being destroyed in this entire series seems to imply that the director doesn’t really care for it.

    No idea who the guy sitting there is. Hair looks like Dominic, people want it to be Renton, or it might be Truth pretending to be someone else again. Which might be a problem, since transforming back into his giant-mech fusion form inside a room will take half the house with him. It won’t be Renton, because Bones are being arses about that.

    My biggest worry is pretty simple; I can see many different directions this series could end in, but I can’t see how they can manage it in four episodes without botching it (let alone two). I’m really hoping that this sudden (and not verified as of today) reduction to 22 episodes isn’t because of scheduling problems and budget issues and *is* because they’ve managed to secure an extension of some kind at a later date, but that’s probably a pipe dream.

    • Tenderfoot says:

      Good to see that I’m not alone in the boat of worrying about how this show is going to end. In an ideal world, there would be a second season, but yeah, I don’t really see it happening either. But we can dream right? Everything I’m reading is still pointing to 24 episodes, and that’s still what I’m hoping for, even if two of them aren’t aired but released on the Blue-ray disc instead. I’ve also read that there’ll be an OVA but don’t quote me on that. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll prove me wrong and pull off great ending (I’d even take a marginally okay ending, just as long as there aren’t too many things left hanging.)

      I feel like, because it’s been so long since I watched the original series, I’m the only person who doesn’t really care about theEnd essentially being a giant exploding red herring (I’m a baaad fan, I know). I think it’ll probably end up being related to Kanon in some way, but this show throws a mean curve ball so I’m not going to say I’m willing to take bets on it. As to Elena, some how I get the feeling that her defecting to the Allied Forces is just a ruse to maybe gather information for Generation Bleu to use? My latest theory on Mystery Guy is that it could be a younger Johansen, who traveled through time like Eureka. Or maybe someone related to him who can explain some more about his book? I have so many questions…regardless of how good/bad the show is, I still can’t wait for next week :3

      • Bystanding says:

        The OVA’s slightly different, it’s a Blu-ray bundle with a single slightly extended comic-relief episode set fairly early in the series :-P As far as the episodes are concerned, this is what worries me:
        This seems to list ep. 22 as the last one, don’t know where that comes from. I really hope they don’t have to cram the last two onto the Blu-ray; again, a two episode bundled-together thing like Code Geass would be entirely fine. But yeah, like you, at the end of the day all I want is an ending that does justice to a series that was really a lot better than what I expected at the beginning of it all.

        wrrryyyyy theEND has two massive laser cannons
        In all honesty, my real issue with that decision is the fact that by the end of the first series, it became more than a killing machine and something more akin to Type Zero in that its archetype had a bit of a personality. It just seemed a bit too brutal to kill it off like that. As for Kanon, well, aside from the horrendous aesthetics it just seemed like a bit of a pointless decision unless they have something planned for theEND later on, since using the latter would have been a lot more canonically interesting and fan-satiating.
        Eh, I’m not sure. I don’t think Elena was ever as attached to Generation Bleu as the others; to her, what happens in this reality is irrelevant insofar as what she wants is to return to hers. That might change over time, but I don’t see how the current direction she’s developing in can really bode well for GBleu.

        Possibly, though that’s a bit of a cheap plot mechanic for explaining the story :-P I think another point we might want to consider is – who died? That incense isn’t up for no reason, and Eureka disappeared a long time ago. Given that I can’t think of anybody who died recently inside any of the Okinawan/Japanese households (unless Nakamura dies during the next episode) and we don’t know who this person is, this *might* actually be an Acperience sequence.

        As for that final point, I can’t argue with that >.< (especially with my other two weekly anime on Tokyo MX ending this week)

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