Eureka Seven AO Episode 19: “Maybe Tomorrow”/ The Day


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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Well, not sure about the ending of this, since I wasn’t that much a fan of Eureka 7 until this series. I do speculate the appearance of Renton and Nirvash typeZero Spec-V near the end or at the end of the anime since the op is hinting it that way.

    About the space station, it could have been the disbelief that the space station was destroyed that caused them to act like that. I mean, when 9-11 happened and when I saw it on the news in the morning, I thought it was from a hollywood movie at first. Well, it did turn out not to be one, but you should understand what I’m talking about. Especially in this case when they’re still not sure of what happened up in space. Also, I don’t really think it was taken that lightly, since it could become a trigger for battle to the death if the characters thought (and I think they are thinking that way) that it was USA that destroyed their space station.

    • Tenderfoot says:

      That is a good point, they could all very well be in shock about what happened. What happened in space does seem like it’s going to be the trigger of a showdown between Generation Bleu and the US forces in the next episode. That should make for a very interesting fight. I’m a fan of the original Eureka 7 so I’m also hoping that Renton shows up eventually (probably at the very end, knowing how these kinds of things work). But other than that, this show has been excellent at keeping me guessing so for all I know, it could end by Eureka waking up from a dream.

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