Eureka Seven AO Episode 11: “Plateaux of Mirror”/ Mirror of the World

“This isn’t the real world. Our world is outside of this one.” -Miller/Mirror

Summary: Gazelle and the rest of his crew are off investigating a woman named Miller, the singer of a band that performers at Generation Bleu headquarters all the time (she’s seen with Truth in episode 7). They’ve been sent by Christophe to investigate whether or not she’s a spy for the United States. Gazelle’s personal theory, as he explains, is that Miller and Elena are the same person, and about half of the episode is devoted to their investigation into her past. The other half of the episode deals with the Secret, which this week takes the form of a magical sand that attaches to all the pilots causing them to hallucinate. Team Goldilocks takes off in their IFO’s chasing after a giant teddy bear which they think is Bruno while Fleur thinks she has to save her mom.

Ao and Elena both see Miller, who explains that the world their living in is false and that Ao is the only one who can take them to the real world. Elena has a flashback involving Eureka carrying her as a child to (or from) a place that looks like the original Eureka Seven world. By increasing the air filters throughout the head quarters, they are able to filter out the sand that is causing the problem and everyone returns to normal. The episode ends with a shocking revelation.

Impressions: UM…WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!!? That’s my impression of this episode in a nutshell. Let’s start with Elena, since the information gleaned from her is the craziest. She and Miller are (almost?) the same person? Okay, I can kinda buy it, they do look very similar, enough to be sisters or what not. I guess their DNA is only very slightly different. Elena herself seems a little confused on if she is or is not actually Miller. But then again…SHE’S NOT EVEN THE REAL ELENA PEOPLES! BOOM! The minds of countless fans explode! Did not see that one coming. So then who is Elena really? What did they do to her in that facility that Gazelle & Co. checked out? Why is Elena as Miller still pretending to be spy-for-the-Americans-Miller? And what did she find in the basement of Generation Bleu H.Q? AAAAAHHHHH AND WHAT DOES EUREKA HAVE TO DO WITH HER!?

Ouch! Right in the feels!

Yes, we finally see a bit of Eureka again, this time carrying a young Elena to (or maybe from?) another world (?) where everything looks like it’s in the normal E7 universe, complete with the writing on the moon (which has been missing in the E7AO, if you remember the first episode.) IF this is indeed a different timeline/universe that would explain a lot of the weird historical stuff that’s been hinted at in the past couple of episode. Basically, this episode raises a lot of questions and doesn’t give you a lot of answers. Actually, that could be said of the whole show so far. It’s becoming this huge tangled ball of yarn, and I hope it starts to untangle soon, ’cause otherwise I’m going to totally lose the narrative thread.

The rest of the episode was alright. The main lesson to take away is that: DRUGS ARE BAD. All the kids weird/stoned/crazy faces were so disturbing and at the same time hilarious. The end of the episode, where Ivica comes and hugs Ao and Elena, made even my cold, black heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You really see that Ivica cares a lot about both of them. Alright, all together now: AWWWwwwww.

Final Thought: How did the Secret know what Christophe looks like, enough to draw a portrait of him in the dirt like it did? Yeah, think about that for a little while.


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