Accel World Episode 24 [Final]: Chase the World


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    AW OST is breathtaking, I think it was the main highlight during this episode as the fight against Nomi ended faster than I had expected it to- which is why I feel that the fight was a bit anti-climax. On top of that, I was seriously disappointed that we didn’t get to see KYH kick some ass either, after having her been lacking screentime for so long, ahhhhh it’s real bummer.

    Even seeing the guy begging and wailing for help, not once did I pity him. Having lost his memories totally purified the guy, I was like, “WTF”, and it was definitely for the better, and the best thing Haru has done. I honestly wasn’t sure if Haru was actually going to deliver the final blow since he’s a bit of a soft type, so I’m glad that he did.
    I’m a bit disappointed that Takku didn’t get to play a larger role taking down Nomi, I think I was more or less expecting earlier on that both he and Haru would tag team in the final battle.

    Haru x KYH’s scene was ADORABLE, KYH was just the cutest thing when her face went all red. Perfection.

    • Vantage says:

      I preferred the shorter fight, since it was exchanged for a conclusion and proper wrapping up of the whole arc, Better than a whole-episode thing leaving us hanging at the end, anyway.

      Taku kinda lost his arms, which definitely made it difficult for him to do anything xD But with Nomi’s greatest injustice being pointed at Haru, its fitting that Haru remorselessly cut him down in the same way Nomi would do to him.

  2. TheVicious says:

    Great review and good way to end the season but SPOILERS FOR SAO! Some of us haven’t gotten that far yet…

  3. Train says:

    This episode was amazing, a really fitting way to close this season of AW( which i expect to be one of many, since i enjoyed this anime a lot, :D). The fight between Haru and Taker was sort of short, but was okay, and as you all stated, it was accompanied with a beautiful OST( as well as other moments of the episode were). So Chiyu had a plan( i was like “OH NO, AGAIN?!” when she healed Nomi), and it worked out quite well in the end. Her power surely fits her “scars” and
    I think that, at some point, Chiyu will/will be able to restore Sky Haker’s legs( btw, why didn’t her legs come back like with the others?).Anyway, felt a little pity for Nomi and also thought Haru wouldn’t finish him, but looking at the end, he seemed to be doing better without all of that.
    Kuroyukihime was so cute when her face went all red from Haru’s statement, by the way, about that misunderstanding( which was funny),did she think that he was proposing to her or something?
    I’m really glad Raker and Kuroyukihime made up in the end. So one more for the main cast i guess, and i’m glad it is Fuuko/Raker. :DNow, to wait for the season 2( they practically stated that there would be/they want to make one with that ending anyway). Meanwhile, i will probably try the novels if i get impacient of waiting.
    Ah, btw thanks for the reviews Vantage, it was really enjoyable to read and post on it every week, and i will probably miss it.

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