Accel World Episode 23: Unite


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Train says:

    Ha, i kind of suspected the little bastard had some more friends( dunno with they are friends or just accomplices though), anyway that guy seems stronger than Nomi, and probably Nomi isn’t the “boss” of this Acceleration Group. The fight between Nomi and Taku was SO nice, and as well done as the intro’s. Anyway, i was like “OH YEAH, NOW WE ARE TALKING!” when Taku landed that hit on his arm, and( know that maybe it is gonna sound strange), but at one time i felt a little sorry for Nomi because of that history with his brother and all; BUT then he pulled ANOTHER dirty trick( like REALLY? YOU JUST LOST FAIR, ACCEPT IT DAMMIT), then i was like “really, AGAIN?”.
    Anyway, Taku’s Reincarnation was awesome, and KYH sudden appearance really changed the tide of the battle and made Nomi’s face go like “Oh, i’m screwed” as you said yourself Vantage.
    Well, just some more days until he really gets beaten up! LET’S HANG IN THERE!

    • Vantage says:

      At the time of writing, its one more day now! xDD It was partly Taku’s fault though, for standing there and monologuing on and on, giving Nomi the chance to stand up and fight back. And ofc Chiyu had to just stand there and do nothing.

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