Accel World Episode 22: Glimmer of Hope


I love cute things.

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  1. Train says:

    I don’t know if this is because i was a little frustrated about GC’s Ending( which i had just watched recently) when i saw this episode but for some reason i feel like i want Nomi’s face to get smashed as soon as i can see it. Anyway, poor Taku, he surely already paid his debt by being an antagonist in the begginning and cheating and all, but man he continues to make some self “sacrifices” each episode, i think he deserves a break already( meanwhile Nomi is still there, being Nomi).
    The opening sure hints about the little bastard and his gang, and if you look closely there may be one more member( the black line things that Nomi covers when he enters, that looks like a battle avatar).
    About they saying that Kuroyukihime not being able to defeat Nomi? PLS, she would probably just one hit Chyiu and then proceed to take care of Nomi, i think that’s just how powerful she can be.
    Nyway, just two more episodes until Nomi gets what he deserves( or one maybe)!

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