Sword Art Online Episode 5: Murder Speculation


I love cute things.

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  1. Train says:

    Asunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *O*

    I liked this episode, despite the change of pace the others had and the different thematic. It seems like the mystery will prove to be a smart scheme by the culprit, seeing the speculation of what methods he/she used by Kirito.

    Anyway, i found the scene where they both slept under that three really cute. And Asuna, when woke up, drooling a little and with a small piece of grass in her cheek even more. I really like how she can be kind of clueless sometimes, haha.

    Like what you said, could the culprit have stabbed the victim in a duel and then warped her to a city through the crystal? That would make sense why no one had the duel winner announcement in the first murder.
    But then again, what happened to Yoruko was really different, i wonder, maybe there is some “Throw” skill in Sword Art Online? I mean it would be a way to see what happened to Yoruko, so the culprit could be far away.

    Another thing that kept me thinking was: Is Griselda really dead? I mean, from what i saw nobody in the guild ACTUALLY saw it, did they? But then again, what would be Grimrock’s motifs if she was, right?

    Waiting for next episode… :D

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