Otakuthon 2012 [Impression + Pictures]


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4 Responses

  1. Nicolas says:

    I was the Mewtwo cosplay. Thank you so much for the compliment. :)

  2. lostty says:

    It’s so cool to hear of someone else who went to Otakuthon! I plan to write my post for it sometime soon. Supposedly the funds were somewhat cut this year, and it actually kinda showed in my opinion….either way, I still had a fun time for the most part!

    I wish I had gone to the Otakuton Idol, looks like it was really good. I went to the Masquerade at least? The Saikano girl had such an amazing cosplay!

    I also loved seeing the Dalek!

    • Myst says:

      It’s too bad the Dalek didn’t go in the Masquerade! :P And, considering it was only my second time at Otakuthon, I can’t really compare it to other times too much, but if the budget was indeed cut, then it definitely was in the panels :/ There was barely anything of interest, and the ones I went to weren’t that great, either.

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