Naruto Shippuden Episode 275: The Jig Is Up

“Let’s stop lying. Naruto isn’t stupid.”


Naruto manages to escape the training room he’s been using to master the Bijuudama and encounters several ninja blocking his path, Iruka among them. After several heated conversations, Naruto manages to escape this group and heads towards the front lines, breaking through a barrier set up to detain him along with Killer Bee’s help.


Surprisingly, Naruto wasn’t as pissed as I thought he would have been – I wouldn’t have found it very funny if I was being locked up in an area and there was a war going on with the whole world at stake. It’s understandable that, since both Naruto and Killer Bee are Jinchuuriki, they are the most valuable pieces on the board (to use a Shikamaru analogy) but at the same time, it’s because they’re Jinchuuriki that they can do lots of damage and are less likely to be captured until seriously in a pinch. It’s even better when they’re working together, like we saw with that seemingly perfect barrier that would definitely stop Naruto. And on the off-chance that Naruto does get captured, plot armour will be sure to step in and save the day.

I find it funny how they’re still trying to convince Naruto that there’s a reason to keep him inside without telling him about the war. Iruka very well knew that a random species that just happened to have the Kyuubi’s chakra was absolutely bullshit, and even more so when Naruto remembered what Motoi said about Bee being at the top of the beast hierarchy, thus definitely knowing if something with Jinchuuriki chakra was around. Against someone with Sage Mode, it’s useless lying once they’ve gotten outside, and as I mentioned earlier, if Naruto is strong enough to get out past all these guys, he’s most likely more useful in the war than they are.

Iruka makes a return, and finally has a use to the plot once more after…a few hundred episodes, which really shows how characters who were once on series promo pictures get forgotten so easily when they don’t level up at the same rate as everyone else. As always, it’s ironic to see Iruka long surpassed by Naruto and the rest of the Konoha 11, yet still acting as their teacher and mentor – I think he indirectly said that himself. Just goes to show another example of the younger generation surpassing the previous one, as our friend Asuma stressed the importance of. We also had a reminder of that headband Naruto got from Iruka, which was really nostalgic back to the start of the series. Good times ^^

No more of Naruto escaping for now, as we’re moving back to the front lines, and Tobi making an appearance! Him and his giant statue of certain death, equipped with the power of 7 tailed beasts and looking very, very distressed. I don’t blame it – it must have gone through a lot to end up looking like that.


I love cute things.

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