Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse episode 6: Time for the Beach



Every show needs an episode at the beach and Muv-Luv is so focused on harem that it would be foolish to think it wouldn’t happen in this show just because everyone was in Yukon. Of course that when Earth is getting destroyed by Aliens the first thing people would think of doing is spend quality time at the beach and enjoy the sight of  beautiful girl playing Volleyball. I guess that in the end I am the fool to expect anything else from this show.


This show is turning into a harem a lot more than anything else right now. I know that it is based on a dating sim, but still, I would have hoped that it would be centered more around the invasion than the girls. This episode we had no mecha what so ever and there was no progression in term of story. The story was all set on character development, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but considering how little the story moved forward since episode 3, I was hoping for some action to occur soon enough. Right now this is pure harem material, which isn’t what I hoped to see.

Our friends Top Gun, Cryska and Japanese Doll are all stuck on a deserted island, what a shame. This is the kind of scenario where secrets are revealed and virginity are lost. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that Cryska and Takamura are not really active sexually speaking. I guess that Yuuya will have to work a little more than usual to have some sexy time in a cavern on a desert island. Cryska looks like the forward type, she doesn’t know him yet and she is already stating that she is interested in him.

Meanwhile Takamura is the perfect tsundere teacher. She tries to play it cool but she has the hot for Bridge. I don’t know how or why this is going on, but I never liked student-teacher relationship and it feels really weird in this anime too, I just wish they would let Takamura have more a motherly role than one of a lover. Now that I think about it, Japan has this weird way to have everything turn to incest, so maybe even if she had a the role of a mother it wouldn’t change much anyway.

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