Kokoro Connect episode 6: Emotions Unleashed


The whole body swapping business is finally over, our five friends were able to spent 3 weeks in peace of mind. No one would get into their bodies when they are on the toilet or when they are having some “alone time”.  Now instead of having their bodies and mind switch up, they simply have sudden surge of impulsiveness.

I kind of like the fact that the show will not revolve around body swapping for the whole season. I must admit that I could already see that novelty fade away. I am most surprised that the concept was replaced by something else midway into the show. After all, when I thought Kokoro Connect, the first thing that came into my mind was body swapping. Now instead everyone is in their rightful body, but they will act upon their impulses.

Meanwhile, Taichi and Iori are starting their relationship on a weird note. They like each other, but something your body and impulse have some really weird intentions that are better to be kept in check. With their emotional impulse that can happen at any time, their relationship is off to a rough start. Right now things are looking good still, because both of them think likewise and wanted the same thing this time. But in the future, they could do something they would regret, something that cannot be undone. I think they had a good idea in keeping the status quo for now and looking to improve their relationship when things will have settled down. But I have a feeling that Mr. Heartseed doesn’t like that plan much. I’m pretty sure he wants to see some action, he wants to see them struggle and get closer together. We all have those dark and twisted impulse, when you can accept them, and when the people around you can accept them too, only then can you live in peace with yourself.

Having said all that, Taichi and Iori will have another problem with their relationship…Inaba. She knows what she has to do, she knows how she should act, but with her impulse out of control, things will get ugly. She was already really close to rape Taichi and this was the very first day. I think it is not exaggerated to think that she will have the harder time of the five to deal with this situation. She is the kind of girl who hides herself a lot and never let her desires take over her will. Now she will have to face her worst ennemy…herself.

I’m quite pump to see what else is in store for us, but I can already smell jealousy, sex and violence coming my way…and I love that smell.

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