Hunter x Hunter Episode 42: The Melody of Death


Gon and Killua were able to meet Leorio before the meeting day and not at the meeting place when Gon was planning to buy a cell phone as Killua suggested. Leorio was able to learn about Nen as well but I have this feeling that he didn’t learn well enough about the subject. Now there are three of them to think of a way to get their hand into one of the few copies of the game, Greed Island.

Kurapika and his company as well are ready for the bidding night and were planning on bidding one of the retrieved items. It was also said by Melody that he is also after an item that is why he is having the same job as Kurapika. And that’s when he talked about the score of death.


The Phantom Troupe is also all set for the big night!


Okaaaayyy so, you kill 15 people and then you get 15 billion. Damn, now I want to be a part of the Zoldyk Family! Well done to a family of assassins to raise their children like that. To get 15 billion through such means is just… too cool? In anime, that is. lol

It seems like Kurapika and Melody have been becoming really good friends although this episode (and as I noticed the other two previous ones as well) has this fast development. It’s not that I’m against it, I actually like it so they could cover more happenings during the 25-min episode but I was seriously looking forward to a small focus on Neon moreeeee!!! D8

To think that Leorio can also think of such a good and entertaining way of earning small amount of money using Gon and some jewel was just genius. It was also as entertaining and Gon’s expressions were just too hilarious. (well, maybe for me, that is).

Anyhow as I’ve seen it and listened well onto Melody’s explanation about the Score of Death. It kind of Ghost at School series that was aired when I was a child (well, I’m still a child as well up to now anyway) where one of the ghosts was the pianist who would play this score and whoever hears the score up to finish will die. I was smiling over Melody as well. He’s just so cute despite having those large teeth at the front.

To know as well that he had suffered because of the song and that lost his friend because of the same score, and him to find that score no matter what happens was just so cool of him.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. Marine says:

    Melody is a girl xD And i thought i was the only one who thinks she is cute <3 I love her voice too ;A;

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