Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 44: Humans… as food… What?!

Fuck you, Uvo. lol


Kurapika and company realized that they are facing a group who are not normal, or rather – who are powerful enough to kill people like flies, they decided to stay away from the fight; and as the Shadow Beasts advised so. The party stood put and the Shadow Beasts paved their way towards the thieves.

Although at first they had the chance, they should think twice when their opponent mentioned that he will defeat them with only just the head.


OKAY OKAY I WILL NOT TELL YOU THAT KURAPIKA IS JUST TOO COOL IN THIS EPISODE. Even if I just did and I don’t really care. Haha First thing is the Shadow Beasts. They talk big… really! Although they were beaten with only just one man from the Troupe and after knowing that the huge guy is from the Phantom Troupe, they still decided to stay and talk big and got bitten like… food. D8 Lol But anyways, the thing that is important in this episode is Kurapika! <3

Well, yes, after seeing Uvo’s tattoo at his back when he landed a huuuggeee punch (which I thought of DBZ when I was watching the scene), Kurapika’s scarlet eyes glowed. I did mention from the previous episodes that why the others can’t see his eyes glows but it was because he’s wearing a brown contact lens to avoid others to see them in red. But even so, the producers could have just let his eyes stay as brown up until the moment he reveals them so it won’t give that much confusion to the viewers.

To those who have watched the original animation and to those who are aware of his scarlet eyes may not seem to care about this little detail but the new viewers would. Well, of course it was explained but it was only for a sentence and no one would really much care about that line as episode goes by. It might also give the viewers some thrill if ever it was remained as brown the whole time up until he reveals his Kurtas.

BUUUTTT that is something I have thought up myself so don’t bother with that rant about something so small. XD Do I have to mention that I love Kurapika’s chains by heart? I go fangirling in my mind whenever I see them moving and my kokoro goes doki doki. Lolol But the way Kurapika uses his middle finger chain makes me smile. And I was like “The ‘fuck you’ sign!!!” and went crazy over the scene.

The four Shadow Beasts had no slightest chance against Uvo but Kurapika managed to capture him in an instant. Well, since Uvo was already paralyzed thanks to those Shadow Beasts.

I should also mention about Melody’s flute playing!!! That was a nice sound and I agree for it to be a relaxing music.

The episode also mentioned about Kurapika’s chain and other details so.. I think HxH fans already know about this but just a recap, he made his chains through a contract with himself to only use those chains on a phantom troupe member. If he fails to do so or rather, if he fails to go with that condition, he will die since the chains are connected to his heart.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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2 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    Those nen chains are the coolest thing ever xDD I actually gave in to the temptation of reading the rest of the manga after lasting it out for 44 weeks, and looking back, the Shadow Beasts had no chance at all against a Ryodan member. Especially Uvo. They should have fought Shizuku or something LMAO

    • Linzz says:

      Serious? I stopped half way on the manga when they released the OVA which was out of the plot. lolol When I thought the movie was srsly better. XD

      NOOO NOT SHIZUKUUUU or at least, save the vacuum. D8

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