Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 44: Humans… as food… What?!


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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2 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    Those nen chains are the coolest thing ever xDD I actually gave in to the temptation of reading the rest of the manga after lasting it out for 44 weeks, and looking back, the Shadow Beasts had no chance at all against a Ryodan member. Especially Uvo. They should have fought Shizuku or something LMAO

    • Linzz says:

      Serious? I stopped half way on the manga when they released the OVA which was out of the plot. lolol When I thought the movie was srsly better. XD

      NOOO NOT SHIZUKUUUU or at least, save the vacuum. D8

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