Hakuouki: Reimeiroku Episode 6- The Fury’s Howl

A demon dancing in your blood might be the last thing you see…


The Roshigumi are presented a way to serve the shogunate, which is to becomes the guinea pigs for the “Water of Life.” Most of the gang is against it, and this opinion holds true as it is tested on one of the men that was supposed to die by seppuku for breaking the code. The man gains that power of quick healing and more strength than an average man, but loses control of his mind. The Roshigumi quickly take him down, and the incident is swept under the rug. A walk in Kyoto ends in disaster as Serizawa and Okita confront and cut down several unarmed sumo wrestlers.


When it rains, it pours, eh? Roshigumi are volunteered as people to have the “Water of Life” tested on, and since the order apparently comes from the Shogunate, they pretty much have to obey. The measure of difference is that while the Roshigumi are willing to sacrifice for the good of the shogunate, they are not going to give up their lives in vain as a fury.

We return once again to the issue of Serizawa and Okita, and damn, that was a horrible thing to happen in Kyoto. All the hard work to try to improve the name of the corps is destroyed in a single moment. Unarmed wrestlers, you guys? You could have at least tried to give them a chance, instead of taking them down, just like that. The locals don’t like them, and this is really not going to help. Okita what are you doing? You know better!! I thought that he wouldn’t be like this, but he’s fairly unpredictable. He’s killed a lot of people, yes, but for what reasons, for this?

I’m really miffed about that, since everyone was so down after that, and Okita was smirking like he got a bowl of cream. I know he doesn’t actually mean to be like this, but it still doesn’t make sense.

We return to the issue of Ibuki, but while he’s still not fighting, he’s doing his best to move out his “frozen” state. The others seem to understand he needs his time and space, but doesn’t he really have to choose times like in the middle of a battle against the runaway fury? He’s standing up to Serizawa, but the reason as to why he stays in a place that abuses him so is not well fleshed out. I don’t feel that this is explained well enough for to not count as a story flaw.

Does anyone see the word “furries” when they say “furies”?

I still don’t know how Kondou can keep quiet about this. DO SOMETHING, MAN. Don’t let status get in the way of your values…

The bright side…all the cool new recruits. ^_^



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