Arcana Famiglia Episode 8 – Man and Child

No words are needed…


Jolly and the “ghost” child are revealed to be familiar to each other. When the boy asks to go into town with Jolly, Jolly obliges, but they run into Felicita in town, who questions their relationships. Luca warns Felicita away from Jolly, and later, during a cleaning of the church, Pace, Debito and Luca reminisce about their childhood. The 3 main characters make a shocking discovery in Jolly’s lab.


Luca did the right thing for once, but it’s still the GIANT ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. So, it’s never really explained that Jolly is Luca’s father- so Luca’s warning should be “stay away from Jolly [because he is my father, and therefore way older than anyone will admit],” and not just some general warning. =___=

Outside of that, the episode was looking for a way out of this show. As there isn’t any really any real conclusion to this episode, it will most likely be explained and elaborated on in a later episode. We’re about 4 episodes from the end of the season, and no Arcana Duello in sight, so I assume a cliff-hanger ending and a season two to keep this show afloat. The turn away from side stories was a welcome relief, as it gave me something to latch on about to explain the show *cough* unlike Sword Art Online *cough*

Why is everyone so against Jolly? He’s only playing the role of dark to the light, and the writers are making every effort to…cast him in a fatherly light? Debito and Jolly are two characters that somehow got lumped in with kids, like somehow, being good with kids is supposed to lower your creeper factor.

Not even to mention Debito pushing Felicita on the bed. Normally, I’d be fangirling over this kind of thing, but Arcana Famiglia takes all the “normal” fangirl things, and make a disturbing spin of it. I don’t like the idea of Debito with Felicita, and that idea is even worse off with Jolly.

And how does science and magic work in this world? It hasn’t really explained the limitations of both, other than the Arcana can somehow defy science and logic. What does science do in this rustic historical time period? What counts as magic? Unless this answer is solidified in a later episode, I’m going to get more and more irate on the free-for-all plothole minefield this show is becoming.




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