Arcana Famiglia Episode 7: A Lady’s Kiss

And who shall win fair maiden’s kiss?

Liberta and Nova suspect that Luca may try to use a love potion on Felicita, and try to find her in order to “rescue her.” For their trouble, they end up being handcuffed together, and walk through a myriad of booby traps only to find out that the Luca was using the “potion” to lead the cat to him, and indirectly, Liberta and Nova. They harvest from the secret garden Luca keeps, and have a great afternoon. Sumire, in her usual meddling way, delivers a message to Felicita, telling her to gift the two gentlemen with a kiss (on the cheek) for their dedication.

This has probably been the best episode so far in this mess of a show. I gave up on the concept of Felicita being a strong heroine and the main character, and just let soon Liberta and Nova take over.

So, Luca has a secret stash of herbs that he desperately needs to keep away from Jolly, so he constructs and maintains a secret garden protected by a long trek and booby traps in order to keep it safe. The weird thing is, if the trip is so far, how does Luca make the trip to take care of the plants? Or do the plants take care of themselves? He even mentions that the traps would have no affect on Jolly, so I guess they’re just there for deterrence for people from crashing it randomly.
Oh, Felicita, you are nothing but an emo girl who is served snacks and tea…nothing to say to you, other than the writers forgot about you entirely, and all for the better, since this semi-fanservice-y episode was actually good. I was genuinely interested in how the love potion would work, and the methods the boys used to go find Felicita, even in how Pace innocently(?) wiped canoli cream off Felicita’s face…all the perfect formula for generic, yet good, situation.

But why is Sumire triyng to get Felicita to show affection to the boys? Is that to inspire devotion, or is she really trying to do what is right to make Felicita mature? I just think it’s cruel for her to encourage that action when Felicita has demonstrated no preference. Why is this show all about the guys? The only character that happened t be female and showing any kind of power is using soft power, and even Sumire is very much under the condition of acting under her husband, Mondo. I find this incongruent with the premise of the story, and disturbing in the portrayal characters in the show. The Arcana are mere vessels to shoot off cheesy lines, and weird fanservice.

I did I mention the golden handcuffs? Why is Debito the only one with the keys? It makes no sense. We got bonding time between the Fool and Chickpea, but yeah…so very thin. Shallow.




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