Accel World Episode 20: Betrayal

“A week’s never seemed so long before…”


Enraged at Nomi for forcing Chiyu under his control and cutting down Taku, Haru loses control of his senses and gives in to the voice of Chrome Disaster in his head, letting loose in a mindless rage with an incarnation attack that overwhelms Nomi. With the battle time running out, Haru is forced back into the real world where he meets up with Taku, humiliated at their joint defeat. As Taku knows nothing about the Incarnate System, they decide to seek out Scarlet Rain after school the next day, as they can’t turn to Black Lotus for help. At school however, it’s apparent that Nomi has spread a rumour around, with all eyes on Haru as if he’s done something wrong.


Dammit, I was fully expecting (and hoping, to an extent) Scarlet Rain to turn up in Haruyuki’s house at some point especially when they’re in such a pinch, but that’ll have to wait for next episode, with Haru going to visit Niko in Suginami this time round. Telling Kuroyukihime about Nomi and all the things the little fucker has done is exactly what would have been epic to watch, seeing KYH rush back and beat the crap out of Nomi and all his stolen abilities. I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but that guy and his superior smirk is the focus of ALL my rage now, and I know both Haru and Taku feel exactly the same. It looks like he’s leaked the video feed of the changing room incident out to the whole school even though he promised not to in return for Haru and Taku’s loyalty – what a dirty bastard. The only plus is that Haru and Taku don’t have to hide their conspiracy from Nomi anymore, though now it seems they’ve lost one ally in the form of Chiyu.

Speaking of Chiyu, I have no idea what she’s up to, or what her motives are at all. It’s true that she’s probably hiding something and is really actually aligned on Haru and Taku’s side, given all the pains she’s gone through to get the three of them back as friends again. And it’s because of those pains that I’m wondering what drove her to cut all ties with her best friends (and attempt to get them out of Nega Nebulous) just to side with someone like Nomi. For someone that’s never cared much about gaming, she’s being very odd in acting this way. I did notice something strange when she was healing Nomi – Dusk Taker’s HP going back up is standard, but why did his special bar go down even when he didn’t use any attacks?

Lots more moping was done today, so the only other thing I want to comment on is the Chrome Disaster appearance (I initially thought Niko would turn up from sensing the armour once more). Dibs to Train for figuring it out – yup, Silver Crow did indeed get influenced by his inner possessor, but while it did give him lots more power, he was more mindlessly angry than anything, though he might have gotten an upper hand had the time not run out. Was that a red incarnation attack he pulled off as well? I don’t know how much Chrome Disaster will aid or hinder him, but it’s definitely not a good thing in the long run, with him starting to dream of tearing apart Kuroyukihime butterflies. For now, if it’s helping Haru defeat Dusk Taker, then I support it completely. Basically, I don’t really care who it is anymore, SOMEONE just please beat up the little shit.

  • HAHAHAHAHA, Taku can become a bouncer when he grows up xDD


I love cute things.

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5 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    I want to punch Dusk Taker in the face so badly right now. Or more accurately, throw a vending machine at him. I KNOW, LETS CROSS ANIME DIMENSIONS AND THROW SHIZUO AT HIM! 8D 8D

    • Vantage says:

      He’s such a little bastard. His smile, his face, everything about him pisses me off. We need to call in every anime thug and hire them to beat up this guy.

  2. Train says:

    NOMI YOU BASTARD! Good thing i see i wasn’t the only one wanting to like smash his face against a wall or something more and more with each episode that passes. And yay, was right on the chrome disaster thing( thanks for the citation Vantage, really :D), but for good or worse, the damn timer ran out before we could see Nomi shattered to pieces by Haru – Chrome Disaster Mode, sad thing on that part( i was wondering if the Chrome Disaster’s thing, could turn Haru and KYH’s relationship into a Shakugan no Shana’s Yuuji and Shana one in the final season, but that’s likely far away to even happen).

    Maybe Chiyu’s plan is to last hit Nomi and get all of his points, levelling up a lot in the process( like, if it’s true he doesn’t have much points to begin with, and to take in account the difference of 4 levels between them, that could likely be possible). And yeah, Vantage and Eva, we probably will have to wait at least two weeks until Nomi gets the crap beaten out of him( SOMEONE PLEASE DO< ANYONE <). Vantage, a question, do you think this anime will only have two cours or likely believe in a second season or something, based on its apparent success?
    Ps: I, too, LOL'd at Taku's imitation, A LOT,hahaha.

    • Vantage says:

      No problem, I thought Chrome Disaster wouldn’t show up at all xD I think KYH is still a bit stronger than Haru even if the latter has Disaster on him, unlike in SnS where Yuuji’s hax god powers were a completely different level to Shana’s.

      Two weeks is two weeks too long imo, the faster Nomi dies the better. In terms of a second season, it’s likely given that we have a game for it and a chibi spin-off show. It’s a popular show, so it deserves one for sure.

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