Accel World Episode 20: Betrayal


I love cute things.

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5 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    I want to punch Dusk Taker in the face so badly right now. Or more accurately, throw a vending machine at him. I KNOW, LETS CROSS ANIME DIMENSIONS AND THROW SHIZUO AT HIM! 8D 8D

    • Vantage says:

      He’s such a little bastard. His smile, his face, everything about him pisses me off. We need to call in every anime thug and hire them to beat up this guy.

  2. Train says:

    NOMI YOU BASTARD! Good thing i see i wasn’t the only one wanting to like smash his face against a wall or something more and more with each episode that passes. And yay, was right on the chrome disaster thing( thanks for the citation Vantage, really :D), but for good or worse, the damn timer ran out before we could see Nomi shattered to pieces by Haru – Chrome Disaster Mode, sad thing on that part( i was wondering if the Chrome Disaster’s thing, could turn Haru and KYH’s relationship into a Shakugan no Shana’s Yuuji and Shana one in the final season, but that’s likely far away to even happen).

    Maybe Chiyu’s plan is to last hit Nomi and get all of his points, levelling up a lot in the process( like, if it’s true he doesn’t have much points to begin with, and to take in account the difference of 4 levels between them, that could likely be possible). And yeah, Vantage and Eva, we probably will have to wait at least two weeks until Nomi gets the crap beaten out of him( SOMEONE PLEASE DO< ANYONE <). Vantage, a question, do you think this anime will only have two cours or likely believe in a second season or something, based on its apparent success?
    Ps: I, too, LOL'd at Taku's imitation, A LOT,hahaha.

    • Vantage says:

      No problem, I thought Chrome Disaster wouldn’t show up at all xD I think KYH is still a bit stronger than Haru even if the latter has Disaster on him, unlike in SnS where Yuuji’s hax god powers were a completely different level to Shana’s.

      Two weeks is two weeks too long imo, the faster Nomi dies the better. In terms of a second season, it’s likely given that we have a game for it and a chibi spin-off show. It’s a popular show, so it deserves one for sure.

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