Accel World Episode 19: How to Train Your Dragon


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. Train says:

    Crikin has a freaking MEGAZOOOOOOOOOORD LoL( needed to say that haha).
    I liked this week’s episode, it had a lot of action, and was probably the best of this AW’s season, Crikin was inside with his zord and the missilles, but was it just me who found Nick’s Killer move gauge way too broken? I mean, he just spammed his ultimate move a lot of times. Anyway, Kuroyukihime seems to have a lot of hidden abilities also, like that Overdrive( that hinted that there was various “types” for it).
    I thought, though, that Crikin, Megumi, Mana and Ruka would somehow join Black Lotus’ Legion, but i guess that still can happen at some point( i mean, the other legions seem to have a huuuuuge amount of Burst Linkers into it, while the Black Legion has just 3(4 if you count Chiyu).

    Looks like maybe next week, Haruyuki will think of using that fancy armor of his, that he got a hold of in the end of the season 1. What worried me was the burst link points reaching 0 in the preview ;;

    • Vantage says:

      I’m suspecting that Kuroyukihime has various ties or alliances with other Burst Linkers that may make up the Black Legion even though we’ve only seen 3 members – they do have territory to defend within Tokyo’s various areas. KYH is an Accel World celebrity after all xD

      Hahahaha Haruyuki using the Chrome Disaster armour would have the slight problem of turning him into a mindless beast, as cool as that would be to see. I think the preview showed the duel time running out instead of loss of burst points, since I don’t think we’ve had points displayed visually before. The huge angry pig-Haru is beyond me, though.

  2. Train says:

    Yeah, as you say, she may have various acquaintances and alliances in other places, what would explain why the other legions seems so big in comparison to Kuroyukihime’s.( the other usually appear in a big group or something.

    Now that you point it out, that really seems to be the duel time running out, thanks for that. The huge angry pig could be a nightmare of his maybe(?). And as dangerous as it looks like it could be, without Kuroyukihime coming back, or Nico somehow making an appearance( it is time already right? She shows up in the opening with her second-in-command(or so i’ve heard) afterall), he really seems to need to pull something up to defeat Nomi, like the Chrome Disaster’s armour. Or maybe he will think of something else though, the armor seems like it would probably be best used later anyway.

    Ah, now that i remember, the “gang” KYH was talking about may be lead by Nomi( We kind of see him and two other Burst Linkers hinting it in the opening, so maybe.). Also, Vantage, do you think this anime will just be two cours or think it can have more/other seasons as well?

    • Vantage says:

      Yeah someone told me that it’s Scarlet Rain and her 2nd, Blood Leopard in the OP. They’re showing all the new Linkers in the OP, so they should turn up too.

      It might have other seasons, because like SAO the novels have many other volumes. It’s certainly popular enough, and I’ve already seen Kuroyukihime figures around when I went on holiday.

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