Accel World Episode 18: Trouble in Okinawa


Over in Okinawa, Kuroyukihime is having an adventure of her own! While out shopping for a present for her friend, Megumi, she runs into two Burst Linkers who ask for her assistance after seeing how strong she is. Agreeing to meet their guardian, a Level 7 Burst Linker from Tokyo, she realizes that he is in fact Crikin, an old acquaintance of the Black King who now needs help in defeating a monster.


It’s as Haruyuki says – everyone stars in their own life story, it’s just that we don’t get to see anyone’s other than the protagonist. Kuroyukihime definitely has her own, that was probably filled with much drama and angst as she fought her way up to Level 9 and became a King, which would make a nice side story to the show in the future xD What I didn’t really expect were for events in that life story to continue while she was in Okinawa, and especially not while Haru and Taku are about to get destroyed by a fully-healed Nomi, whom they don’t stand much chance against now.

Well, I won’t complain about two more Burst Linker lolis being added to the cast, though they’ll never replace Niko, whose presence continues to be missed. At least they have the right idea about Brain Burst and the purposes it should be used for, despite their recklessness in revealing their real-life identities. It’s a different kind of Accel World that they experience, with no legion problems, constant power struggles or major incidents that require the hiding of identity in case it causes trouble for you, which is something that you have to admire because they accelerate to enjoy themselves and have a good time. How open they were to a seasoned King like KYH (and in turn, how shocked she was) shows that there’s no underhandedness or deceit in the experiences they’ve had in AW.

Again, compared to the Dusk Taker incident their problem seems meagre – a monster is apparently on a rampage in Okinawa, and is really hard to stop. It makes sense, seeing as how Okinawa doesn’t have many Burst Linkers in the first place, not even needing the concept of Kings and such. Even so, the phrase “everyone seems to know Kuroyukihime” rings true even here, though it helped that Crikin originally came from Tokyo, which seems to be the main hub of Burst Linkers today. Rather than the problem not being able to be controlled like with Chrome Disaster, I see a yellow avatar on top of the monster, so it’s safe to assume that he’s behind all the trouble that’s going on. Crikin seems to need an ability that the Black King possesses, meaning that we might get to see another Black Lotus killer move soon xD

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of drama going on with Megumi, Kuroyukihime’s one true friend. She’s extremely observant, but isn’t describing a whole other “world” that Kuroyukihime’s been living in far too accurate for someone who isn’t a Burst Linker? Of course, she might just well be an ex-Linker, but she doesn’t seem to remember anything at all about Accel World or KYH’s alternate persona as Black Lotus. If a promise to buy a gift has that much meaning to Megumi, there’s definitely some bond between the two that might have stemmed from something like Brain Burst – guardian and protege maybe? It wasn’t a coincidence that a neuro-linker cable was conveniently put on the table, anyway. In the mean time, I’ll just enjoy the KYH fanservice Megumi has kindly made possible. Such a thoughtful girl (:


I love cute things.

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3 Responses

  1. kashzero90 says:

    i wonder why, since Sword art online was animated, i lose all my interest in Accel World. Accel world become boring and boring each episode. this episode not related to the last episode where chiyu betray haru and taku..

    • Vantage says:

      Accel World isn’t that bad xD I’m finding this Dusk Taker arc to be quite interesting and a step up from the thing with Niko. But it’s true that SAO is superior to AW in so many ways, if only because it’s so much more serious and angsty. They’re both VR games, but SAO takes it to a different level.

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