Accel World Episode 17: Burst the Gravity


Taku repeatedly accelerates in order to catch Nomi up to no good, and challenges him to a duel, losing badly after Nomi starts using the Incarnate System, something which Taku knows nothing about. Haru then manages to fight him on a battle royale stage and initially loses advantage even with incarnate powers, due to the massive advantage Nomi has using Silver Crow’s wings. Haru manages to turn the tables using Sky Raker’s Gale Thruster, and finishes off Nomi in a combo move with help from Taku. Chiyu then appears on the field and uses Citron Call, fully healing Nomi to Haru’s horror.

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Oooooh, that must have hurt. But it sure felt good finally seeing Nomi take a heavy blow, and to his glassy-red eye thing no less. The conflict came much quicker than I expected, but Taku sure works fast, using the same method that Niko did to find out when the little bastard was accelerating. As much as I hate to admit it, his usage of Silver Crow’s wings is impressive, given that he’s got other long-range moves that he can easily access and overpower an opponent with, while Haru’s only got close combat abilities as of yet. As overpowered as wings are, Accel World does tone it down a bit by making Silver Crow a close-range fighter, so he doesn’t get the chance to fly up and bomb the entire stage or something. In terms of Nomi being able to use the Incarnate System, I’m not too surprised – though it does make me wonder who his guardian is, if it’s even that kendo senpai in the first place. And what does he mean by a second generation of not-Burst Linkers?

Gale Thruster…is a jet pack. Yeah, I figured that it would make the most sense for it to be something like that, but it looks less cool than it sounds =/ Haru still can’t fully fly with it, and instead…glides through the sky using various boosts, which defines Sky Raker’s name I guess. Does the system have the power to accurately predict such things so well? Anyway, it still does the job, though I was worried that Haru would run out of steam at various points, especially before that final combo move with Taku, who continues to epically endure through so many situations. That guy deserves some kind of award for suffering at nearly every conflict with other Burst Linkers. Dude, stop atoning in front of us, you’re a good guy now!

Chiyu on the other hand is a different matter. I don’t know what this is the result of – pressure from bullying, or a secret deal struck between Chiyu and Nomi (which the latter will definitely back out of) but what kind of situation would make her willingly heal Nomi, of all people? At least do a wide-area heal and help Taku and Haru while you’re at it. I see a doomed future for this battle, unless someone comes to help out, this being a battle royale type after all. Either way, we won’t be finding out any time soon, since it looks like next week we’re jumping ship to Kuroyukihime and Okinawa, where she runs into problems of her own. In the mean time…I’ll just leave this here.


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