Yuru Yuri ♪♪ Episode 1 [First Impression]: Akari the Pimp

*stuffs knuckles into mouth to try to stop laughing* Stop it…my stomach hurts…


On the way to a hot springs inn, Akari falls asleep and dreams of what life would be like if she was the protagonist and the center of all attention, in which the girls all fought over her and popped out of nowhere to proclaim their love. At the inn, Kyouko wants to do more  relevant activities, however both the resulting table tennis matches and hot springs were rather…interesting, to say the least.

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With Yuru Yuri being one of the series I initially debuted with as a writer on AAB, it’s nostalgic to return to it and blog it once more, but I’ll do my best xD 10 seconds was all it took for me to comment to myself: “…only Yuru Yuri” when the giant Akarin~ robot appeared. Now, give me a minute to remember all the yuri pairings…

Anyone that has watched the first season will immediately pick up on the fact that Akari was dreaming all along – in fact, the whole of the first half was a huge inside joke that you won’t get unless you’ve watched Season 1. I guess it’s the producer’s way of apologizing to poor Akarin for being the butt of so many jokes thus far. I remember they even stopped letting her introduce the show at one point xD Anyway, I’m sure she’s very satisfied with all the screen time she’s gotten, even if it was just a dream.

Literally all the attention went to Akari. Instead of Sakurako and Himawari fighting, they fought over her. Kyouko and Chinatsu’s fangirling were all directed towards her, and when Chinatsu licked the cream off Akari I’m sure there was a subtle reference in there to that kiss last season. Even Ayano’s “Toshinou Kyouko!” turned into “Akaza Akari!”, and Chitose started bleeding fountains and handing her pickles. In your dreams, Akari. Literally.

And this is what I love about Yuru Yuri – the pure randomness of things makes it funny. Stuff like Chinatsu’s hair eating up the ping pong balls was abused a few times, then when it turned up right at the end, you find yourself laughing for no reason at all. Or random statements out of nowhere like that reference to Fleming’s Left-Hand rule (stupid electromagnetism) or “Let’s push Pukari and red bean soup at the same time!” is something that Yuru Yuri is able to mess around with, achieving really great results. The table tennis reminded me of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou actually, though not even that hyped it up to something that hilarious. Ahh, Kyouko-chan, I feel for you.

On the whole, it was much funnier than last season. I only hope that they haven’t exhausted their supply of gags with this one episode, since it’d be amazing if they could continue this quality of humour for the next 3 months. Anyway, in something completely unrelated, I dig the new OP so much. Seriously, that first shot of Kyouko facing the camera like a boss made my heart jump a bit. But wait – I mustn’t forget who the real protagonist is xDD

Possibility of Watching: Definite
Possibility of Blogging: Definite 


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