Tsuritama episode 12 [Final]: Spoiler, Nobody dies


The show feels so surrealist, especially the ending. There are limits to what I can be lead to believe and to what point I can enter in a fantasy before that fantasy feels

Tsuritama was said to be a seinen, but it failed to go through with that promise. Instead, we were shown something that is much more akin to a kid show rather than anything else. The characters were mostly cheerful and had little to no real problems, their issues were minimal at best. The plot was one of epics, but yet it was told in such a childish way that the epicness was lost.

I have no idea if it was meant for the show that nothing violent or tragic would ever happen in order to get an “E” rating, but it is something that really made it boring for me. There were never any real problem, even this very episode we were shown what was supposed to be a fateful epic ending where everyone saved the world. Yet I didn’t feel any chill and I never thought the world was in any kind of danger. People were mind controlled to dance, no one was about to die here.

This big pile of stinky rotten fish, that looks like a big turd, would be an accurate representation of how I see this show

What kind of ending is that supposed to be anyway ” Sup, no missile where launch, everything is back to normal and the alien who caused all those problem is now your new friend and everyone is alive and well. When I see a seinen I expect some rough moment and drama, not this kind of happy ending where nothing happened ever. There was not a single plot twist during the whole show either, everything was predictable and thus, excruciatingly boring.

To make matter worse, the final conclusion reintroduce both alien, they come back from outer space just to see their friends. It undoes even the little bit of sadness that marked Haru’s departure from Earth.  He haven’t left for more than a year, it is complete bullshit. NOTHING HAPPENED EVER, even the promised “sad part” where Haru had to go back to his  home planet was scrapped for a happy ending. I’m tired of happy endings ! I WANT TO SEE PEOPLE DIE IN PAIN!

That will be all.

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  1. Noc says:

    Reading this made me feel very happy that I dropped this after episode 1 >.>

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