Tari Tari Episode 4: Mexican Teachers



After them joining in on Konatsu’s audition, the two old men present themselves, being the Condor Queens, whom Konatsu admires since she was a kid. She asks them to take part in the festival in her place, and then forces Sawa to house them for the time before the Festival.

In the end, it turns out that the creepy Stalker is a member of the Condor Queens, and he knows Sakai’s mother, which is the reason he was chasing her around for that long.The next day, Konatsu asks if she can skip practice to see her favourite band playing, which causes Sakai to be really angry at her and leave dramatically with her horse.

With this, Konatsu feels bad and decides that she will find another place to sing at for the festival. She tries to, but Sakai was a step before her and finds a place where they’ll sing.

On the day of the festival, everyone sings, and while the Condor Queens have a huge crowd, the choir club sings in front of a grand totalt of 5 people, namely 3 kids and they parents.



Yaaaaaaay, good job Konatsu! You’re not as stupid as to not learn from people yelling at you :)

As much as I found Sawa’s explosion a little too over-dramatic, the consequences of it were great, and seeing Konatsu actually change and learn from those words was what made this episode so much fun to watch. I didn’t cry, but I was definitely moved by what happened this week.

The Condor Queens were pretty awesome. A bit weird, considering they were very mexican yet popular in Japan, but their music was good and catchy, and their hearts were pure. After all, they’re the ones who guided Konatsu in the end, and they also knew Sakai’s belated mother, whom I believe is the reason why her daughter stopped singing. After her death, I’m assuming it must have been really hard on her to keep singing happily.

In the end though, I believe the words said by the Condor Queens about “singing in illness or happiness” were true and possibly rang a bell in Sakai’s mind. Maybe she’ll start singing again soon, who knows? :D I applaud the mexican band for being such good teachers for the choir club.

On another completely random note, I was right about Wien’s singing: It’s terrible.



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