Tari Tari Episode 3: The “Choir and Sometimes Badminton” Club

It’s better to forget the next scene and just watch this picture forever and ever :)



Looks like the “great beginning” of the choir club has come to an end! All of Konatsu’s brother’s friends are quitting, and now her ex-choir teacher is being a bitch and tells her as well as the badminton club that they can’t go on since they don’t have enough members.Thus, in the end Konatsu and her club have a totally unfair badminton match against Taichi and Wien, forcing them to join the new “Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club”.

Right after the Principal’s approval comes Summer Break, where Konatsu and the others decide to audition for the singing contest of the town’s summer festival. They audition… However we’ll only see if they get the part next episode!



Hmmm, well that was kinda… unexpected? So the club disbanded and re-banded in a single episode, only to keep going as if nothing had happened? O…kay? I’ll be honest, that was a bit redundant and useless. It served to get some real new members, but they could’ve done it in so many other ways without repeating the same thing as last episode. *sad face* Maybe my expectations are too high? I mean, everything is so god damn beautiful, it can’t be a flop… Can it?

In the end though, it now looks like the club has gotten all of its actual members! As much as Taichi can sing, I think Wien is going to be so goddamn terrible at it that he’s going to ruin the whole picture. It would just fit his personality, and moreover seeing him choke as he was trying to practice only lowered my already low hopes that he’d be any good. That guy is so clueless, it actually makes his bishieness much less awesome than it should be. As funny as it is to see him that way, it’s going towards a point where whenever his mouth opens, a disaster will come out barfing.

So basically, compared to the other two episodes this one was a bit of a disppointment, however I still have high hopes for this show and I believe that it’ll only get better from here. Don’t give up on me, P.A. Works! Next episode will have a bunch of drama, it should be getting good :)

P.S.: Whoever this crazy mexican dude is, he’s creepy as hell.


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