Tari Tari Episode 2: After Problems… Come More Problems.



O_o so prettyyyyyy *fangirl moment over a background scene* (it’s possible)

It’s time for a visit to Sawa’s house! The host decides to bring in Konatsu and Sakai, mostly to try and persuade Sakai that she should join the choir club. This takes a whole 2 minutes as Sakai accepts right away, and everyone then proceeds to think of other people they could ask to join.

After a few days where they manage to get enough members to join, Konatsu holds her first choir meeting, however it doesn’t take long before her ex-choir teacher comes in and tries to hinder her in any possible way. After finally overcoming stupid rules, Konatsu and Sawa are on their way to the recital where the club should perform for the first time… Unfortunately, the bus with the rest of the club gets stuck in traffic and they arrive too late to be able to perform. Therefore, it’s time for Konatsu and Sawa to shine in a duet, where they perform beautifully, with Sakai as their pianist.




The girls are so cute ^.^ When they sing together, Sawa and Konatsu seriously shine. The seiyuus who were picked for this show have beautiful voices, and the song was so well sung at the end that I was literally tearing up.

Well, I actually thought it’s take longer for Konatsu to form the choir group, however it seems like her troubles are far from over! Not only does she not have an actual pianist right now, she also has a bitchan annoying teacher bugging her about every single rule to try and stop her from performing. From the looks of it, that woman won’t be out of the club for a while, so I sure hope she’ll finally get to respect Konatsu for her efforts soon enough, before she causes more problems.

Seriously, she needs to STOP doing that. It’s just creepy.

I’m curious to know more about that song which was handwritten and scribbled all over. I actually think it’s something the teacher wrote herself, which would explain why she let Konatsu sing it in the end after all, that was a humongous ego boost for her, so she just had to give it back. I’m also VERY, VERY curious to hear Sakai sing. This week only emphasized it with the Principal suddenly agreeing to the club once he saw Sakai’s name in the list, as if she was some special jewel who just had to sing. With the other 2 beautiful voices already, I really wanna hear her sing O___o.

Overall, this episode was cute and funny, although I’m hoping much more from this series than what they showed so far. However, it’s only the second episode, and I just know it’ll get better. This show has immense potential for drama and shizzles ^.^Also, I’m still waiting on that romance which hasn’t popped up yet :)


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5 Responses

  1. KM says:

    This episode is well made. I love it.


  2. Eva says:

    I actually think it’s Wakana’s mother who wrote the piece. It’s been hinted by how she remembered the tune and I think her mother might have been BFFs with the Vice Principal.

  3. TimesTicking says:

    I’m loving this show XD
    sadly it won’t be having 24 episodes T.T
    I’m curious in how the principle ended up in the hospital O.o

    • Myst says:

      Hum, it’s actually really curious. I’m guessing he probably tripped and fell while running to catch the bus? XD That’d be quite ironic lol.

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