Tari Tari Episode 1 [First Impression]: Pretty Art and Sweet Singing



The story begins as high schoolers, who happen to be in their third year of high school, say good bye to their teacher who’ll be on maternity leave for some time. On the same day comes a transfer student from Austria, Wien, who seems to adapt well to the class, although he has a bit of trouble with his Japanese language and culture.

…Just a bit.

Branching out, Miyamoto Konatsu is a girl who wants to be part of the choir, however her teacher doesn’t want to let her sing due to some past event where she showed that she apparently couldn’t be a part of it. With this, Konatsu decides that she’ll start her own choir group, brings in another girl called Sawa, and tries to find other people to join her so that the club will be accepted.




This show makes my heart flutter~

At least, that’s the impression I was given by this first episode. Not only does this seem like an awesome slice of life with pretty art, but it also has singing involved?

I wasn’t deceived one bit with this first impression. First off, great introduction for all the characters. It’s only the first episode and I feel like I can slightly connect with almost all of them, especially Konatsu, who looks like she’ll be the main character of the story. I particularly like Wien also, not only because he’s really cute, but also because he’s funny as hell when he messes up Japanese culture.

It also seems like the main storyline has begun already, which gives me great vibes in terms of pacing. I do believe all the characters we met today will be a part of Konatsu’s choir group, and I can’t wait to hear them all sing, especially Sakai since she seems so uninclined to sing. Those characters always end up being the best :)

Lastly, I mentioned it already, but it needs mentioning again: THE ART IS SOOOOOO PRETTTYYYYYY!!!!!!

The character art, the backgrounds, the scenery, the clothes, everything! O____O I can’t stop watching this show, even if the story sucked I’d be glued to my computer with sparkly eyes, rambling on about how beautiful it is.


Possibility of watching: Yes

Possibility of blogging: Shotgunned it a while ago, and I still haven’t changed my mind :)

P.S.: Oh yeah, I thought I should mention it, but the song the choir was singing was the opening to True Tears, another show which I totally recommend for slice of life lovers :).

P.S.S.: I found my bishie *grins*





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5 Responses

  1. chelsie1294 says:

    I love this show already, it was truly pretty amazing for a first episode! I agree with everything that you praised, and heh…I found my bishie too…<3

    Also, Konatsu's personality reminded me of Chihaya's personality: funny, kind, sorta oblivious (but not as bad as Chihaya of course) determined, positive, etc. Not only that but they both have the same seiyuu too! How awesome is that? on top of that she is starting her own club! for me it's like watching Chihayafuru again except they don't play karuta they sing instead!

    Also, just in case you didn't hear, a second season has been confirmed for Chihayafuru, the air-date hasn't been decided yet but how great is that?! We get to see the karuta-bu, Arata, the Queen, and the others in action again! Who knows maybe the romance will even be resolved; I honestly can't wait. If Vantage and Eva don't know yet be sure to tell them ok? I bet they will be thrilled to know about the good news if they don't know yet.

    anyways, I going to stop rambling and leave ya alone for now kay? I've never said it but I love your posts keep up the good work! later!

    • Vantage says:

      We did find out, but thanks for the reminder! I’m getting all hyped up again now. I remember Eva was spamming ANN daily just in case, and when it did turn up lots of fangirling ensued xD

      And Myst, Tari Tari gives me feels too xD Definitely one of the gems of summer. Now I need to go learn all their names lol (I can only remember Konatsu atm)

    • Eva says:


    • Myst says:

      Wow, thanks for the compliment! Also, yeah I shotgunned this because I knew it was gonna be amazing, I can’t wait until the next episodes come out! I didn’t know it was the same seiyuu as Chihaya, I knew I’d heard the voice somewhere though… I was reminded a lot of Hanasaku Iroha since it’s made by the same producers, and it’s pretty much the same genre :3 (You should watch it if you haven’t) But yeah, I got strong hopes for this ^.^

  2. Eva says:

    This show makes me feel so giddy! I’m so looking forward to it, and I’m SO happy that Sentai Filmswork licensed this as well! I honestly didn’t realize there’d be music involved, which was a pleasant surprise, only to make me love it even more! <3 P.A Works is one of my favourite studios so I have great expectations for this show. <3

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