Sword Art Online Episode 2: Kirito the Beater


I love cute things.

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7 Responses

  1. Sabin Kim says:

    Just a question Vantage, up to which LN volume did you read?

    • Vantage says:

      Atm I’ve only finished Early and Late, Vol 8, and I have Vol 9 but I’m waiting for Vol 10 to get translated so I can read Alicization Beginning + Running together.

      • Sabin Kim says:

        It’s not a spoiler or anything so I will mention it here. In the beginning of the volume 9, it hints that SAO and AW timelines are somewhat starting to converge together so when you do get to read it and post a review for 9th volume, please tell me what you think about it

        • Vantage says:

          That’s very interesting…I’ve read the AW + SAO crossover, and I know the various theories on Haruyuki/Kuroyukihime’s heritage, but I’d never have thought a converging timeline would become canon. I’ll try to get round to it soon xD

  2. Er Manaois says:

    I’m surprised that there are no rant about this post. Actually I’m very disappointed at this episode since Aria is the my favorite side story/volume of SAO. Details and features of the game isn’t explained at all which are needed for those who doesn’t play MMOs

    SAO is a series driven by character interactions, not its fight scenes. I am extremely irritated that Asuna’s and Kirito’s meeting was not dealt with faithfully, but I’m more irritated as to how this acts the first domino in a contingent series of events following it. They even made Diabel seem like a “great” guy….

    Sorry for this lol but I really feel like crying for the adaptation of 175 pages Aria in 1 episode… RNR sure will be adapted in 1 episode too and if A-1 does rush that arc again then I’ll really lose hope for this adaptation.

    • Vantage says:

      A light novel will almost always be superior to its adaptation, and if they’re planning to include the ALO arc then things unfortunately have to be rushed – I’m trying to look at it without comparing to the LN and the things they changed, though I agree that Kirito and Asuna’s meeting was way better in the original version. They should have time for explaining various game mechanics over the side stories, since I imagine that they don’t want to info-dump the watchers.

      However if I’m going to draw comparisons, I’d say that there should be more despair, and much more of it. Perhaps we’ll get it soon…

      • Er Manaois says:

        I was just irritated at how much of the essentials of Aria were skipped. SAO’s a series revolving around social interaction and game mechanics [which were skipped], not fight scenes [the one in this episode took half the episode].

        Asuna’s character could be further changed for the better in later episodes, but as of right now, she’s just a generic heroine in the anime adaptation :(

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