Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Episode 15: ROOKAITO TIME!!!

Well, no, not really. Haha


Rook, appearing, after being away from the City for a long time, got himself a present for Kaito as a souvenir. Well, almost like that. He gave Kaito the replica ring that the Orpheus order has been developing and it’s the latest model as well! It was said that it is much more powerful than the one that Jikugawa had worn before.

Also, Rook was challenged by Melancholy, one of the Orpheus Order, and let him play against a child and a dog on a maze puzzle. Yes, Dog versus Rook and this is no joke. The game ended on a nice way. The dog wasn’t that much affected by the replica ring that Melancholy let it wear because of its love to its owner and the owner was moved which resulted for the replica ring on her hand to fail as well then Rook comes to the rescue for the two lovely beings!

Now, rook is back being the P.O.G.’s Head Commissioner in order to prevent more cases of replica rings to be used on people by the Order also as to atone to his sins, as he may said it.


Okay, after watching episode 14 last week, I was kind of expecting a filler episode where Kaito and Rook would be going on a *cough* date *cough* or have time together playing random puzzles just like when they were kids but, oh well. At least, he visited Kaito’s school and he was like so popular right there and now with Bishop on his side making girls squeal. Not to mention, me as well and I was fangirling nonstop.

I also was expecting a nice present but instead it was a replica ring. Haha Me and my Fujoshi side for this series is seriously expanding more than I expected but that’s how I see everything else and the friendship between Kaito and Rook is just… boundless!

Then the dog… OMG THE DOG CAN SOLVE MAZES! I would honestly like to have one like that too but it seems it would be impossible, yet, I like dreaming of having one at the moment. I like the idea of Human to Dog relationship being applied to this series. We do all know that Dog is Man’s best friend and all of those lines and this episode really do proved well. But the maze that was used for this episode was enormous. I don’t even know how the Orpheus Order built such a thing in a flash. *cough* anime *cough*…

Then, of course, Rook is a master for this episode!!! YAY!!! Finally an episode where Kaito is not solving puzzles and I get to see Rook on action! Seeing him make a sad face, serious face, smile, smirk, rape face, in trouble face, everything was like… so precious. <3 (So please excuse my bias screenshots. OTL) Although it could have been better if it was Rookaito. =(

But it’s okay, there’s still this last line of Rook’s, “My Kaito isn’t the sort of boy to crack under pressure.” with such a high prideful face. SO POSSESIVE, I KNOW RIGHT??? =)


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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